F4 Foils: wing foil GP Series

Is there anyone tried F4 Foils GP Series? GP 760, GP 815, Wahoo…etc…Looks very interesting, well designed and promising, but almost none info about them.
Please share!

Mid season I switched from Armstrong (HA925) to F4 and mostly use their GP1000. I’ve had the opportunity to test the GP760 as well. It’s a great foil which I’m planning to purchase for next season. I paired it with my usual tail (GP170) and the combo was great:

  • fast (you reach upward of 20kts without thinking about it)
  • stable
  • very smooth on takeoff
  • nice glide
  • very maneuverable: I tried it in our Bay wind swells and it was lots of fun

What really surprised me was the lift at relatively low speed. I didn’t feel like it needed a lot more speed than the GP1000 to get started. And as the GP1000 the takeoff was really smooth: no sudden strong lift followed by stalling because your angle of attack is too high. During turns (tacks and gybes) the glide and low stall speed give you plenty of time to work with.

F4 is a small brand and maybe more discreet than bigger ones, but their designers are really good and the quality of their gear is also great at a good price point. If you get the chance I would definitely try the GP series.

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Sounds great! What mast did you use and how does it feel like stiffness, drag…etc

I’m using their 85 foam core carbon mast. It’s pretty stiff and quite thin (I think around 14/15mm)

Sounds very promising as a foil setup though…thanks for sharing