Favorite foils for fast, fun winging

The kujira 1095 is one of my favorite wings of all times, still riding it in small conditions. It just becomes a bit crazy at top speed, and takuma’s rig is really wobbly.
The progression 140 felt really intuitive straight away, it glides and turns really well, but quickly its top speed became a big limitation to me. It’s been tuned to go relatively slow, and at max speed it has a slight tendancy to dive forward, so in powered conditions (wave and or wind) it feels like a snail or a bike on the highway, its just not meant to do that. (Ended up selling it)
The eagle is built to go fast and be stable at high speed, no diving forward, no wobble of the rig, total control, even in choppy seas. I don’t have the numbers but if I had to guess for same size, top speed of eagle is prob 30-40% more than the progression. If you want a kujira 1095 in terms of lift maybe eagle 890 is more like it.

I ride the 1095 with a cedrus mast and stringy fuse with M8 bolts so it’s super solid even at 25 mph (who knows if my phone app has accurate speed tracking, but I was able to ride the same speed as windsurfers which was amazing given how well the 1095 glides). Have you experienced the gremlin hands on the Progression 140? Even at 18mph I feel it. Makes me think something is off with my setup. I used back to back with the 1095 and there’s a bit of gremlin grabbing but less frequent and not as much deflection. Anyway, sounds like I need to look at the Eagles for this scenario. Any feedback on 85 vs 95 cm masts? I liked to ride as high above the chop as possible to avoid getting bucked off.

Cab800 is good for fast winging, lift 90 supposed to be great too but I’ve never ridden it. Hyper2 170 is great but probably big for what you’re looking for, H2 150 would be very fast and then you can get progression wings for proning.

I said that wrong about the masts, thanks for the update @foilstate.
I meant to say their will be a standard carbon mast (no HM) 16mm for heavier riders.
Also a 14mm HM Carbon mast.
I think both will be available in 80 and 85.
Still waiting on details of other sizes.

I agree and been meaning to try some smaller stabs on longer fuses

I also own the cabrinhas, cab H800 is slower than the eagle 790 by a good bit, also much less glide, and less control at speed and in turns. Speed wise the H650 might compare, have not tried back to back yet.

Definitely worth trying lift 90ha for winging. Very smooth at speed. Nimble with the stock carve 26 tail. Glides really well for size.

What tail did you use with the lift 120?

Anyone know the top speed of a takuma 980 & 750?

Are you using the extender? Keen to give the 90HA with carve 26 a run. New X2 mast will be interesting too.

Takuma 980 is extremely slow but turns awesome

New f-one 16mm mast has showed up for preorder on some retailer sites (2023 F-One Carbon Mast 16mm)

I don’t see anything about a 14mm though. Ive been close to pulling the trigger on the current hm mast so definitely would like to know if there is a new one coming out soon.

I use the extender in some circumstances but favorite would be no extension. The plain old 90ha+26carve tail stock is as fun as I’ve felt winging and plenty fast for me. The extension for prone in larger waves can be nice. I’m almost always on the 28" mast. Used to use the 32" a lot winging but prefer the 28"… 30" mast would be perfect and it would be nice if the carve tail had a bit more length built in to the fuse. Maybe half the extension length.

What is the best way to measure approximate top speed? Looking at waterspeed app recording apple watch for a prone session I would imagine the 2s or 5s speed are probably fair approximates, but I wonder if 10s is better to reduce the GPS noise.

When i did some research on speed tracking watches the brand coros kept coming up. Their watches measure gps every 10s, while most other brands only do every 1s. I havent bought one though. Still using an older garmin

I found some info on the 14mm f-one mast. Seems like it’s confirmed that there is one coming out

Great topic @ericsfbay !!!

@foilstate I demoed the Eagle 790 yesterday with the 95HM, winging in 15-20knots. I’m 86kg. Magic. Balanced, fast, and the longer mast (usually rock 32” lift) meant I could load up the foil and squeeze out some more speed.

If anyone has a suggested Lift Foils configuration to rival the Eagle, please let me know to save me A$4 grand spend?!


Cheers, trying it is enough to understand the level of this thing. I settled on X Short fuse with Kd13R tail, nice and loose without being too pitch sensitive.
I went back to cab H650 the other day, it’s slower than the eagle 790 haha, what a trip.

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Still have it! Never use it though. Speed is marginally better than the 1000 but stall speed is higher and doesn’t pump as well IMO.

What tail and tuning are you riding on the 140? I haven’t heard any tip issues before.

I have the 14 3-pack, tried all three tails with 0 shim and 1 degree with Cedrus mast and adapter. Not sure what’s going on but had others ride my rig to confirm it’s not me and swapped back to the 1095 which I ride with the cedrus mast and stringy fuse (butt joint, no adapter). I’m going to try to get a demo with a Katana mast since that’s the only other variable that I haven’t tested.

Hi @ericsfbay !

I have a PURE 900 AFS with UHM mast 78cm right now. Got it as my all-round foil for almost all conditions (I’ve been able to even sup downwind it). But the strong point of this foil is the WINGING. This foil has given me GPS marks of 43km/h in flat… and 41 in the Chicama waves winging… I’m only 68kg, so for me it’s a bit bigger than needed for those high speed conditions, for since what you’re asking is high speed performance and still a great balance of still being able to carve and have fun, I think this foil will suit your need. It’s super stiff, friendly in the take off, and wants to go fast. You can go for the Performer HM mast too if want to lower the price tag around u$300.
Gotta mention I distribute them here in Colombia but I pay for my own stuff and also ride and sell other brands, so trying to give my best advice here.