Lift Foils for wing foiling… optimal config

Keen to hear what Lift Foil users are running when wing foiling - surf range (100v2 and 150v2) or the HA (90-120-170) or if anyone has dabbled with new HAx range (110-150). I’m currently riding 170HA and 26 carve with extender.

I like the 150surfv2 for lighter wind. The ha90 for anything where I know getting up won’t be an issue. 26 tail. No extender. Only had the 28" mast.

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90ha with carve 26 tail either stock or while extension is super fun!

You need to have some power, but I use that for winging pretty much standard. I’m ~75kg

I learned to wing with an old 170 surf wing which is super low aspect. Worked great though at the time so I bet the newer surf wings would be fun.

My guess is the new 110 and or 150ha Xs would be fun for downwinging and connecting bumps. Probably hard to snap turns like the 90ha or 150 surf etc.

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Big fan of the HA range. The 170 HA has way better top end than the 200 surfv2 and the turning is pretty equivalent. Both are easy to get up in light winds. I was using the glide tails as I learned but have started using a 34 surf and really enjoying it - can be a bit pitchy but substantially looser. 120 for the better days. 72cm No Limitz mast, no extender.

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A lot depends on conditions where you ride. Here in DC, winds can be inconsistent, gusty, and light. The 170HA and 38 tail work pretty well across all of them.


I use lift 120HA and 25 glide tail most of the time. Would love to try the 90HA for more speed.

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Thanks for the input all. I have a 150HAx on order so will retire the 170HA. Alongside the new 150HAx I’m going to give my 150v2 surf and my 120HA a spin.

Also, lift are dropping a new high modulus stiffer mast any day now. I’ll be giving that a crack when it lands.

How much do you weigh? I should have added that to mix as part of this thread as it matters. Also, have you dabbled on the 120HA and if so how are the feels vs the 150v2 surf?

I weigh 170 lbs. 6’1" 58L wing board. 5.2m ensis. I don’t like the ha120. Don’t like it prone either. In fact I sold my lift gear because I didn’t like the 120. I love the ha90. Still my favorite foil I’ve ridden. The 150surfv2 was my previous favorite foil I’d ridden.

The 120 is to wide of a span for my taste. I don’t feel confident hitting white water on the prone board with the 120. The lift mast does flex, which doesn’t bother me a ton, but with my failing boxes in my prone board and the fact that I can’t get it far forward enough was all part of the problem.

I have an Ono setup now. m800 (basically the same size as a lift 120) and a big Ono swift 230 (similar in size to AXIS 1050)

The Ono m800 has a stiffer mast and has a better glide to sink ratio for me personally.

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Light wind small waves 120 with the Kane 13 R or 13M. Decent wind and bigger waves 90 with the 13M all day.

What tail worked best for you during your ‘lift days’ on the 150v2 surf?

I had a custom fuse and tail from green grabber, it was fine. I sold that and got a 26 carve. It was also fine. I probably liked the 26 carve better, but it’s less “tuneable”. That could be good or bad I guess.