Ffb ftw pro or techno

Been searching a ton and cant decide on next board

80kg. 45yrs, not getting younger. 30 yrs of all surf, but mostly shortboards 29-32l. grovelers 32-36l

4’6 35L slingshot flying fish - heavy
lift 170 and 120

w/ setup i can catch anything thigh high+. pump for 4 or so connections.
norm here: short period swells 5-12 seconds, thigh to head high are common foil days.

shop currently has FFB FTW Pro 4’5 @ 33.5 or Techno 4’5 @ 37.8

I know there are other options in other places, but i feel a dire need to replace old ss now. I have a good history w/ shop and want to continue supporting them too.

All paddle ins, no assists.

Go smaller for easier pumps, or more foam for easier paddles?


Amos Raptor 4’6 34L, mine should deliver tomorrow, ill let you know how it is

If picking between these i’d say for short period swell, catching crumbly white water the FTW. Wide, flat shapes will have more for that white water to impact and aide catching. Downside is it won’t distance paddle well at all compared to the techno. Also, i like the FTW more because those techno concaves are idiotic.

If paddling fast into unbroken bumps and paddling distance is more your jam get the techno.

FFB construction is le garbage but their warranty policy is top notch. Make sure you monitor for flex in the boxes and if there’s a problem get them to send you a freshie. We’ve reported boards loosing that joie de vivre on the first wave so find a way to assess. Learn what board flex feels like and monitor appropriately.

And hold onto that flying fish - its unbreakable compared to the FFBs and is good to have around just in case.

Make sure


I’ll second this. I have the Techno and I can out-paddle a lot of the guys here on the flat bottom boards when it come to the unbroken swell, but the second I try to use a whitewater crumble to help chip in I’m at the disadvantage.

Also 80kg, mostly riding lift 170 and 120.

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Lol, are you the one with 4 FFB’s that are broken?

Yep! That’s me! Got a pile of em. Should be cutting into em soon. Excited to see what’s under the pretty carbon!

Tanner.O At the same weight…Which techno size are you on? Thanks

Why do you keep buying them then? lol

Oh, none of them are mine! All repairs for friends. Also, none were really bought. All warranty replacements. Some of them multiple rounds(they replaced the replacement!)

4’5" - I think its 36L or so. For what it’s worth I also have a 4’4" Rubix that I think paddles even better but the difference is pretty negligible.