Foil Brain Alert!

Please Help!

Foil Brain Alert

I get about 2 wing sessions in a week and other than that spend 60% of my time thinking about lining the next session - reviewing forecast, wind, tide and family/work commitments. Then its gear, is what I have holding me back, do I need to try something else, should I change brands, just how good is this progression foil :slight_smile: Then its disciplines, should I try dock starting, no, maybe get a dw sup and flatwater start, would love to prone surf more - thats just another variable on the forecast!

Walking the dog and driving, I listen to all the various podcasts, may as well throw petrol on the fire.

Dont get me wrong, I love it, but man it takes over!


Correction, maybe its 99% of my time.

accept it. there’s no going back.

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I think we need to know what gear you’re on and what conditions you ride so we can help you figure out if you’re being held back or not.

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Welcome to the club. This is really a support group :slight_smile:


I see foils everywhere. Name this(pre-hyper 2)foil:

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When the news headline says the police foiled a crime , and you ask yourself what kind of foil?


Thanks Hdip, that is fair and one I would like to address in another thread. Just let me leave this here:
Screenshot 2023-02-24 at 09.44.41


reminds me when I started SUP’ing around 2008-2009 but way way way more intense

I see foils everywhere 2: