Foil hater getting the Crowd Killer model before the loyal Unifoilers?

@Erik WTH!? How does a public foil basher like Sterling Spencer get the Quiver Killer model before the loyal foil community? haha. I’m all about spreading the love and converting the haters on what they are missing out on, but not before the people that already support the foiling community and a lot of us(including me) who’s paid big money to convert their setups over to Unifoil. I speak for tons of foilers including myself who’s chomping at the bits to buy the Quiver Killer at retail price. So for me to see someone who hates on the foilers get one before the foiling community stings a bit. I’ve got no problem with Sterling personally and know he’s mostly just joking around to create online content but that’s just cruel to us that work hard for our money and spend it supporting the sport and brands we love. I hope he falls in love with foiling and becomes a great ambassador for the sport. He rips on a surfboard so I’m sure he will rip at foiling if he just puts in a little time. But I’m done with my rant now and I’m half joking around. Can’t wait to get my hands on one because I think this board is going to be a game changer design! And if anyone doesn’t like theirs or if an extra one becomes available please reach out and I’m more than happy to buy it and come pick it up. I live in the panhandle gulf coast area so not too far from you guys. Keep up the great work!

P.S. The Progression Mast 800 is in stock at Mackiteboarding now! I ordered myself one already so if you were waiting the wait is now over.

Yeh, but your not famous :sweat_smile:


As a wise man once said.



This is so awesome :rofl:

Jokes on him - he put the shim on top of his stabilizer!

(need to watch his video)

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