Unifoil Hyper2 Tuning Talk

A few of us got new Hyper2 setups (seems mostly 170’s).

I’ve had a couple wing sessions and a couple prone sessions so far and still working it out. I’ll save my tail opinions until I’ve really dialed them but I have noticed that this wing requires the mast MUCH farther forward than other foils, so be prepared to push it forward during your tuning.

What tuning, specifically tails/shims, are you guys finding best and why?

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Im winging on the 190 and I agree re placement. I am riding it 0.25” ahead of where I ride the 1095 and H800 (which puts it almost at the front of my tracks) and Im also using a 1 degree shim (vs 0.5 with the 1095).

I was concerned that the 190 was going to be too big, but that isn’t an issue. It rides a LOT smaller - turns very well and has a ton of speed. Low end is my bigger issue to the point where I’m considering adding a 210. First Im going to play around with whether I can push it forward and/or add more shim when I need more low end.

So far I’ve been dialing it in with the 178 tail, but going to play with the Uni Race tail and KD Marlin soon too. It felt kind of sluggish with the KD 13.5, which is a tail I’ve liked with a lot of other setups.

hey Rad !

firstly thanks for the support :+1:

without mentioning what tail options you have used/tried its hard to say , but i can have a guess that you are using a very shallow shim and/or a small tail stab ?

if you have a bit more shim then you can move the foil that bit further back , i tend to wing it with a 1.5 or 2 shim.

the hyper 2 are a bit more power hungry , a trade off for extra speed

i personally like the shunt stab on the hyper two when winging , or the race if im prone and want to pump

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Clifford I have the new 3 pack G10, fun stuff!

@Velocicraptor I’m on the 170 and it was perfect for 75kg in 2.6ft@8s this morning.
Agree, it’s super fast and a real carving machine. Pitch control is fantastic allowing for super hard carves with even foot pressure throughout despite the g-forces. Lots of tip breeches today without any trouble.

Still working through the tails. Once I get them dialed I’ll add a full review.

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just had a fantastic time on the shunt with 0 shim winging in small waves, thanks!

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what wind speed you riding in ?

20kt, 75kg, 75L board

@Rad_Duke Are you using the 13" or 14" G10 tails - any recommendations which one to go with for winging? How’s the glide and stall speed of the h2 170? Overall I’m looking for electric-feeling glide, good pump, speed, and good turns. Pretty much everything which may not be feasible, but willing to sacrifice stall speed a bit.

I know you said you’re going to do a review but I’m sorting out my Uni order now. My weight is similar at 85kg. Wondering if the h2 190 may be better if dropping out is an issue on the 170. I currently ride the Kujira 1095 and Moses/SAB W1000. The 1095 is super forgiving with regard to stall speed which is helpful when riding back out in the open ocean and the rollers are big (it doesn’t drop when slowing down a bit at the crest of the wave). The W1000 is not forgiving. Still fun but requires more forethought about line choice and maintaining speed.

I’m leaning H2 170 for winging and Prog 140 for prone + winging when I want a different feel including more forgiving stall speed. Basically want a Mike’s Lab 800 + Lift 120 + 1095 + Cab 800 all in one foil. Doesn’t seem like too much to expect for a next generation foil :).

Im on 13", weight exactly 75kg; maybe go H2 190 and then 140 progression at your weight?

Other people have suggested going bigger with this wing but I personally at 75kg would not get a bigger one than 170 unless doing open ocean downwinders with tiny bumps

It’s a very nice setup for winging, I’m actually about to wing it in a couple hours and then all day tomorrow winging and shore runners on it

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You guys using 33cm or 27cm fuses? If so whats your experience?


I’ve only used standard fuse. I feel like the h2 170 needs at least 1 degree of shim and I have it slammed all the way forwards. In the same position the 190 was comfortable with 0.5 degrees.

Using the Marlin on both.

I’m looking to sell my h2 190 if anyone is interested. It’s a sick foil with a lot of versatility but Ive got the 170 and 210 and it’s too much overlap.

@Clifford and guys, still struggling to tame my hyper 2 170. I have the vyper 150 which i can ride in anything and am really in tune with it, virtually never fall.
My H2 170 a different story, i fall on my turns a lot as its twitchy. I know some of this will be me and i want to persevere as i can tell it will be great. Im on the 83cm mast, 33cm fuse and trying various tail combos, carve, cut down race, G10 14" and either 0, 0.5, 1 shim.

Question is, could it be mast placement? I have my 190 H2 about 4cm further back than my vyper 150 and my H2 170 midway between the two.

So is that about right or should i be moving it? and where to? Its always in the last 1/3 of the turn it starts to get twitchy and wander off rather than staying in the turn.



@Mikedubs When you’re saying it’s “twitchy”, can you be more specific? For instance, are you feeling pitch instability up and down through the turn, or is more on the yaw axis where the nose is hunting left and right through the turn?

Also, which of the G10 tails have you been using? I have a H2 170 and had the best luck with a very neutral setup - using the 13" Shiv tail with a 0 shim on the medium (33cm) fuse. I found this to be stable/predictable in pitch through turns in our average waist high conditions. For reference, I’m riding my setup as far forward in the boxes as it’ll go.

If you’re feeling the board get squirrely in the yaw axis through turns, you might just be touching the surface with the tips. The H2’s will definitely pull a lot of air down their span if the foil tip breaches at anything other that a steep angle relative to the surface.

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Thanks for reply,

I’m on the 14" shunt and shiv, mast well forward in my Amos board.

I think it’s the yaw axis, nose moving around. So I might be touching the wing tips as you say.


I find HA wings generally are more twitchy in yaw. And I also fall a lot more with my Hyper1s compared to Vypers that are super forgiving.

Are you perhaps driving off the back foot? Too much backfoot pressure or having backfoot behind the mast will make the rig more twitchy. I would try moving feet forward or mast back and get lift from more speed or more shim instead of backfoot pressure.

I think youre right, im probably using too much back foot in turn. I can do that with my vyper 150i, so ill shim 170 and move it back.

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i think you need a bit more shim if you finding it twitchy , try move foil back a bit and go to a 1.5 shim

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Thanks Clifford, I’ll move it back with more shim and I’ll report back.


PS @Clifford have you or any of your SA guys got a used vyper 130 i could buy?


i sent you a dm