Progression tail tuning help

I have the Progression 140 and until now have been using the 14" G10 Shiv tail. I always felt the tail was too soft and losing energy in the pumping, so I recently updated to the 14.5 Progression tail. First impressions are really good, but I can not find the tuning and hoping someone on here can help.

My main issue is that it feels like it is lifting too much in the turns and therefore breaching a lot. I moved the mast back a bit and it is a bit better, but still has the same issue, and the board and pump doesn’t feel so balanced now with the track further back. My guess is I probably should have gone for the 13.5, but as money is tight and I cant really justify spending even more on my foil stuff I wondered if anyone had any tuning tips?

  • Has anyone cut a 14.5 down? I used to chop and change all my old foil stuff but somehow the new stuff feels so nice and tuned and perfect that taking a saw blade to it feels strange. Plus it would lose those wing tips!

  • I have only tried it 3 times so far, and still not tried shimming yet. Common sense would say a negative shim would reduce the lift, but then my instinct is saying a positive shim would tighten up the turn, maybe make it more easy to turn and therefore there would be less power build up in the carve? Obviously I need to try this, but just asking to see if anyone has any ideas.

If it’s useful I am 84kg and riding mostly waves around shoulder high with a fair bit of period. Definitely not the florida style waves.


I like the 140 with a negative 0.5 shim. Still pumps great and a little more back foot pressure handles drops and turns better without getting ejected. Also faster / more efficient glide. This is for 95kg with medium fuse Shiv 14.
Try shimming first.
Moving weight / feet forward next.
Maybe then try chopping your Shiv to 13 (or sanding 3mm off the traling edge of the Shunt if you have one). It might surprise you.

I have the 14.5 progression tail now. But maybe I try negative shimming the tail first and see how that goes.

I like the pp14.5 more than the 13.5 on every size PP.

I use it with a 0 shim and it’s been great for me at 80kg.

What fuse length are you on?

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Medium fuse.

Maybe I also just need to get used to it more!

agreed, 0 shim with medium

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I’m 88kg on the P170. On stomach high days with the 14.5 there’s a significant amount of drag compared to the 13.5. I started with the 14.5 but only use it for shorerunners now because of its amazing low speed performance. The 13.5 has way more top end and would be a better match for your conditions.

So today I had a mini test session for anyone that is interested or cares.

I started with the -1 shim and put the mast forward to the same position I had on the G10 14". The pump was absolutely amazing and really balanced across both legs. However the turning issue was made worse. It felt like I had too much drive, so the turns end up going so fast and generating so much lift and speed that then I explode towards the end of it.

Next I changed to the +1 shim. The pump was noticeably worse and I could feel the drag, but then on the wave it was another world. I could actually start to put turns together and get control of where I wanted to go more. What I didn´t like was how the pump became much more on the back foot, so the back leg burnt out quicker, but overall it was my preferred setup. Next time I will try with a 0.5 shim which is maybe the nice balance.

Other option is either a new 13.5 tail… or take out the hack saw!

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Back leg probably birning because your stance os off. More positive shim should give less backfoot pressure, not more.
Its starting to sound like the stab is not the issue. You mention shoulder high waves with good period. The 140 can become too powerful in those conditions, especially at speed. Slowing it down with a larger stab or more shim will help to some extent. A smaller faster stab will not.

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If I had the cash the 125 would definitely be on my shopping list, along with another tail!

Back leg burning was in the pumping. I think it went from a front footed tapping pump with the -1 shim, to more of an up and down, back footed pump. The flying/riding like you say was more front foot.

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Hi Guys
Been riding the 140 for the last 6 weeks every day minimum 4 hours a day. I believe the more hours you put in the better this wing gets. Have tried all the new 13 & 14 carbon tails & all the fuses. My best set up to date on the 140 is the small fuse,13.5 Prog tail with a 1.5 positive shim. I have tried this set up on four different boards and all are set around the middle of the tracks. This is on waves from 1 foot to 1.5 over head. I’m am 95 kgs and go for a more 50/50 balance.