GPS Foil Surf Tracking

Looking for beta testers for my GPS Foil Surf Tracking Apple watch app. I’m trying to tick all your boxes for the ultimate Apple Watch surf app with everything you need including; surf tracking, getting both surf reports and tide reports right on the Apple Watch face, with the best watch visuals of any tracking surf app out there. Future integration include: allowing users to see analytics about their surfing / their spot and their boards. Please leave your email address to be used as a server ID (only) for the swell forecasting app.

Looks interesting! how does the accuracy compare with dawn patrol?

We are still adding functions to the watch in Alpha form - I took the watch out in the ocean the other and accuracy was just as good if not better - Alpha product functions are showing 1. Top Speed, 2) Distance Surfed, 3) Board Time, 4) Wave Count, 5) Wind (Rising / Lowering), 6) Tide (Rising / Lowering,
7) Swell Size (Rising / Lowering), 8) Swell Period (Rising / Lowering),
9) Swell Direction. Beta testers should happen in about a month.

I’d be interested in testing it on my iphone. I don’t have a watch, but do throw my iphone in my wetsuit in a waterproof bag. Let me know if you need that kind of testing.

Morning @Bill !One for the suggestion box: Maybe an average wave duration viewable over time. This should be helpful for prone guys to gauge performance over the long run.

I like that suggestion about the average wave duration - I’m open to all practical suggestions Thanks - Bill

I do not recommend putting the phone in that WP bag - - I suggest picking up a $150.00 Apple watch that can install IOS 15 or higher - We would like to test the Beta version of the Apple watch app for oldmanwaves,com.

Hey Bill - sounds good. A feature that’s lacking on Dawn Patrol is having a ‘fastest kilometre’ metric for when you’re downwinding. Or at least being able to see split times for every KM. Just a suggestion :call_me_hand:t2:

Let me talk to my programmer - Thanks for the suggestion