Dawn Patrol Foil Tracking is here

FOILING OPTION! The iWatch app Dawn Patrol now has a beta out for foiling and it works soooo well. No more chopped up runs, all time spot analysis , records etc…
For those have used the app for a while may have noticed the analysis favor traditional surfing which didn’t help recording those 3m minute runs in small surf at all.


still in beta or is it coming in a pending app store update?

Can I get in on that beta?

Great up but been getting frustrated with the chopped up runs when I do actually manage to link a couple of waves.

Yeah, I have been frustrated with the app missing waves or entire sessions. Looking forward to seeing the update

I’ve been trying to decide between Dawn Patrol and Waterspeed app, thinking Waterspeed as it is doesn’t have the chance of clipping actual foil time. The app caters more for detail than UX, but I have trials on both and end up leaning towards Waterspeed.

Have you tired setting the wave detection sensitivity to slow? I had the same problem and it went away after I changed the settings for slower waves in my profile (profile->preferences (top right cog icon)->surf tracking). It does pick up fast paddling occasionally.


I found the problem with slow is it will show 27 waves when there’s actually 7. Medium has worked best for me but I have still had the app shut off and record nothing, as if I never hit the “start surfing” button.

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I feel like you used to have to spin the knob to turn off water lock mode on Apple Watch, now you long press it, and I have found rotating my watch so it’s on the palm side of my wrist seems to keep it from getting unlocked, because putting my hands down on the board unlocks it otherwise.

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Wow that’s strange. I guess slow only works well in sloppy weak Florida waves :man_shrugging:t2: But I never experienced the app prematurely ending my session.

One thing that’s not normal about my Apple Watch set up is I have the crown pointing towards my elbow away from my hands. I noticed the back of my hand would occasionally press on the crown. I also have the action button deactivated. Could it be some buttons are being pushed when you pop up?


Sweet! How were you able to get the beta version?

You can get the beta here:

Dawn Patrol foil beta

Dawn Patrol said that the foiling setting uses the older algorithm which is less likely to cut your rides short.

They’re keen for everyone to test it and feedback to them…


I’ve had the same issue and found that the water unlock from version 7+ is press not spin, apple feature where the button gets pressed under the wetsuit by the bending of the wrist (like when you standing up duck diving etc…)
A simple solve when I remember I switch the watch to my right hand which orientates the button up the arm instead of against my wrist.


Those of you that have installed this, it apparently replaces your current version and states you “may” lose all your current data.

Did you lose all your previously recorded sessions? I’d hate to lose 2753 miles of data…

Hi @Bonifacio ,

Good Q… I was concerned about that too… All of my data loaded back up from the past few years

I seem to have the Beta version d-loaded on my watch but yet to try it in the surf.

All data is still there on my phone/watch

Hey, anyone got the Foil Surfing feature working on their Apple Watch?

Start Surfing & Start Foil Surfing appears on my watch but only the Start Surfing seems to be working.

Pretty sure you need an invite from the developer (that I don’t have) to get it up and running.

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:star_struck: Fun you mentioned that. I volunteered last year gave them a slew of features but they politely declined.
With that said they did add a few lately that were on my wish list
Now you can compare all waves at just one spot or all waves on just one board
Tip put each board foil combo so you can compare

What I really wanted with the analytics package was a way to see all foil components and how they played out with wave & wind info for the time you’re out. List what foils have best rides at spots and/or conditions
If it could factor in weight and ability there would be less dudes turning screws on the beach


Has anyone else lost access to the beta and the foiling feature now?

Yes- it says “beta has expired”

Any got anything that works better for garmin watches? I have a solar surf and it misses waves all the time.

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