Kujira 980 pump

hi everyone, i just bought a kujira 980 and im struggling to connect waves. im 80kg( 176lbs). in your experience how good is the 980 for pumping? should I swap for a 1210 or 1095?

Have you tried a base plate shim? That’s what usually unlocks the pump for me if I can’t get the pump going.

With the thick part of the shim under the back screws of the baseplate?
That would make the board more nose down while on foil , good only if your board has too much rocker

Thick side of the shim at the back does make the setup easier to pump, not really sure why. Try it

The 1210 & 1095 are definitely easier to pump but don’t turn as well.
From my experience if setup correctly in the right conditions the 980 pumps pretty good.

alright, will give it a go. how are you guys shimming? do I have to buy a custom base plate shim? or can I make one at home?

I have the 980, 1210 and 1095. I weigh 140 lb, my favorite is the 1095. I can get double dips regularly with the 1210 and 1095. I can get the occasional double with the 980, but it’s a lot less consistent. I use two Takuma baseplate shims with the 980, one baseplate shim with the 1210 and zero baseplate shims with the 1095.

Kane DeWilde has a good FAQ on baseplate shimming on his KDFoils Shopify page.

At my current skill level, I turn the 1095 just as well as the 980. Maybe if I start going for more white water hits I’ll switch to a smaller front wing, but for now my daily driver is the 1095.


What Mast and fuse do you have Jonnie?
And how much rocker has your board?
Do you also have the thick side of the shim at the back ?

Very interesting that you shim your 980, 1210 and 1095 differently…

I have the original 1-piece carbon T-bar mast and fuselage. I used all three wings on a 4’4" Amundson Super Model foil board which has zero tail rocker. I use baseplate shims to have the thick part in the back. I started double baseplate shimming with the thick part in the back because that is what Foil Wizard and InstaKahi recommended for the 980. I had no idea why the baseplate shimming worked, but it definitely worked.

I got the 1210 after the 980 and I seemed to touch the nose down too often, so I removed one baseplate shim and it worked better with the one remaining shim. When I got the 1095, I started with one baseplate shim, I seemed to nose in too often, removed the shim to go completely flat and it worked better.

Here’s KdMau’s tips on baseplate shimming:

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How would that convert to the fuse angle built into the alloy fuse?

I read on the Seabeeze foil forum that Takuma has adjusted the angle on the newer alloy fuses. If you have a new generation fuselage and zero tail rocker, then start without a baseplate. If the Takuma foil feels like it’s hard to pump, then try a single baseplate with the thick part in the back.

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thanks, how many waves are you guys being able to connect with the 980? i have been able to connect a couple but it us hardwork.

In short period swell I only have the legs to connect 2 or 3, see on KD’s latest clip riding the 980 he has his mast shim thick side to front.

I winged the 980 for a minute today and that thing turns like a dream! A bit draggy so I can see it being rough for prone but it’s a carving machine for sure