Uni mast to f one titan adapter

Hi guys,

Anybody know of anyone i could contact to try and get an adapter to mate a unifoil mast foot to a f one titan fuse?



Try Jim Stringfellow.

A while back I asked the foilparts guys about a adapters for the Uni mast and they said that the foot is relatively large, so its challenging to make adapters for that mast. Most of their adapters are for smaller foot masts and larger foot pockets. Not sure if this applies to FOne connection or not.

Thanks, I will.

By the way was out on my new 5.7 ozone flux and a borrowed 1050 sk8 today.

The wing is awesome, everything about it is good. I might have to chop in my beloved strikes/swings v3’s and the sk8 was a dream after my Hyper2s. Intuitive, easy, tons of glide and autopilot turns.


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