Unifoil Cedrus Adaptor

I asked in another thread, but its buried in more interesting content there. Anyone ride Uni with the Cedrus adapter? If so, any issues or play?

Also, can anyone confirm that the new foils from Uni are compatible with the Cedrus mount? If they work with the previous generation Uni masts they should be fine. I’m just not familiar with Unifoils connections and don’t know if they changed with the new generation of foils (H2 and Progression).

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I asked Kyle and he said the new foils are compatible with the current Uni adapter.

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hey Guys , Clifford here Unifoil

the fit from the mast to foil is still the same as it has been for the past 5 years … i see no reason to change it as its a superior way of connecting the mast to fuse with a taper fit that locks up and eliminates any play.

i would highly suggest looking at the katana construction masts as they are still quite fast and super stiff


I demo’ed a Vyper for a bit on my cedrus mast. I had to tape it a fair amount (2-3 pieces of aluminum tape) to get a solid fit. Not sure if it was the pocket of the front wing or the adapter.

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I have had the Vyper 150 attached to a Cedrus Mast / Uni adaptor since they first came out. The fit is still very good/ tight with no play. I am sure anytime you have Carbon to Aluminum connection eventually the Carbon will loose out and you might have to put some tape on to keep it super snug. So far for me I have not had to do that. I am very carefully to make sure that I tighten every session and keep bolts with tef gel on them when they touch any metal. The quality/ fit of the Uni adaptor for Cedrus Mast is very good.