Jet ski choices

There happens to be a video comparing the two best yamahas for sale right now in my area. Not looking for the same things as a normal ski consumer, but still useful info here. My guess is that the performance with the smaller one is lost a bit when towing a sled, and having more comfort would be nice when in heavy chop. But then again the small one has a deeper v hull so that should be better? Anyone have insight about the specific type of ski you want for tow foiling/dw?

i personally think between these two it comes down to price , that gp1800 has more than enough power speed bla bla to tow with , it would be a great ski for tow in

if you got the cash then the FX for sure , remember maintenance costs are higher on a supercharged … has it got that much more power thats going to make a difference towing , no. you dont use a quarter of the jetskis power when towing

the extra space on the FX is a bonus , but not essential , its amazing how much junk you can take with on a ski

They ones here are similar price and hours, maybe because the gp 1800 is supercharged for some reason. I agree about preferring naturally aspirated, maybe I should wait for one that is since it’s more power than we need anyway.