Looking to buy a jet ski

Aloha from the cold north (Sweden) Any tips and recommendations on jet ski models? We are manly going to use it for towing up on wind swells. Any other recommendations for additional gear?

How much you got to spend?

Regardless, you’ll want to hydro turf it to protect your toys and ski. I took off all my OEM foam and covered everything from the rub rails to the seat. Took me two sheets and 5 days to get everything off then cut the sheets cover it all. Definitely worth it, makes your ski quieter too.

Life sled makes straps to keep your seat/hatches secure if/when you roll it. Very worthwhile insurance. Life sled also makes the best sleds imo, but they aren’t cheap.

I’m personally a huge fan of the FFB tow rope, can’t recommend enough.

Waterman unlimited makes a cool ski collar, haven’t had much experience with it though.


cant go wrong with a yamaha , get a normally aspirated version … but obviously if there is no backup for yamaha in your area then its better to go with whats available

we tow on a short line 10m , but you will have to experiment with what works for you


I run the seadoo have had three now over the past 20years and can’t fault them,

Had the RXT, and now two GTR’s really smooth and dry riding ski :call_me_hand:t3: