Kalama Barracuda for sale - 7'10" 102L SOLD



Great shape. Adjusting size. There is a little scuffing at the nose, but otherwise, it is in perfect condition.
New these are 2400

It is a touch small for me; gonna see how I do this year with another 10L of volume.
With tax and shipping, they are 2500-2600.

Located in S. Jersey. Pickup Only.

just curious - what are the “straps” on the front and back - the black circles with a couple loops of cord?

Sup tie downs. Just stickers on steroids

Price drop $1775

SOLD - Thanks

Just noticed your ad for the Kalama Barracuda and also noticed it’s already sold. I’ve been thinking about buying a downwind board for light wind wingfoiling. Any advice you can give me about size, volume or anything else that might influence my choice?

Best advice I can give is horrible advice: It depends. I am very much still a beginner on my DW adventure. Weight, ability and intended use(S) will factor in for sure.

But, for winging… the DW board size is not as critical as the wing replaces the forward drive for getting on foil - anything close will work. When using them to paddle up, every variable means something - and I’d be super careful with your choice if you are going to embark on a DW journey. Post up more info!

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My best advice on this topic is that a good downwind board can make a great light wind wing board but a good light wind wing board doesn’t always make a great downwind board.

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Thanks for your input. I weigh 85 kg, I’ve been wingfoiling for about 2 years (intermediate skills) and the downwind board that I buy will only be used for light wind winging.

I’ll shoot ya a DM and you can ask me as many questions as you like. I don’t want to take up top fold real estate on the forum home page :slight_smile: