SOLD Freedom Foil Board Dagger (downwind board)

Board is in very good shape. Zero dings or cracks. Just some expected tiny surface scratches. Board has hardly been used. Located in Satellite Beach, FL

Priced to move @ $950

7’10” x 21” @ 122L

Text 321.604.6600

These boards are amazing to learn to paddle on. They can take a beating which will happen while you’re learning to paddle.

Looking for a board to use for 4-8kts light wind winging 90% of the time, but would try to learn paddle ups in fresh water, would this work at 190lbs, or should I be aiming for a larger board?

It would work good for that. I have used my 7’5" for exactly that.

I’m 200lbs, should work great

Used this exact board for light wind wing and it blew my mind for what is possible in light wind. I was able to size down on both hand wing and foil. Buzzing around with a 5.5 and P125 foil in 8-11mph winds is really eye opening and definitely a viable option if you get a lot of light wind days. Definitely had to pump more to get on foil but the stability and length of the dw board made that a very manageable task.

Oh and I am 200lbs as well

Did everyone switch to kalama boards, or are anticipating them showing up soon?
I’d assume they won’t make much difference for light wind winging, but wondering if they’d be better on flat water paddle ups.

Narrower and longer for flatwater paddle ups. Kalama’s are more expensive but better build quality. Sunova aviator 18 kills the flatwater paddle ups as well.

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So many options it’s hard to choose. The only narrow board I tried was a inflatable gong crusader, which was much faster than my cabrinha 5’4 98l board. Do you think it’s $1000 worse than the sunova for flat water paddleups for a beginner? It seems possible to light wind wing and paddle up on the same board, so ideally I don’t need two. I’m good at balance fwiw.

Im a buy once cry once kind of guy. I don’t mind paying more so that I can stop wondering if my gear is good.

I don’t know if the gong is good, but I’d expect a hard board to be significantly better.

this board is a steal for that price for light wind winging. 190 no problem. 4-8kts with a BIG foil and wing

Sold :call_me_hand:t3: thx everyone