KT Dragonfly & Progression Project Mast Position?

Just bought a downwind board - 8’2" 121L KT Dragonfly downwind / light wind wing board - and currently have the Progression series of foils (200, 170, 140 and 125).

Roughly what mast position would you recommend on the KT Dragonfly?

Never ridden a downwind board so unsure of a good starting position. I know the answer is “personal preference” or “test it out” but I am hoping someone with experience on a Dragonfly can comment.



I’ve never ridden the Progression series of foils but I learned on the same board. Most of the people I see riding the dragonfly have their foils placed forward of center. In my case, I have my mast position jacked all the way forward in the tracks. Riding Axis 1300 and the 1050. Keep in mind your fuze length may play a part in the equation. Look forward to hearing what others suggest.

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I’d start at the front of the box and work back on that 8’2”
I have the 7’4” dragonfly and used to run the prog wings with Katana mast. I was running 10.5-12 on the back of the mast.
Hope this helps!

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Have any dragonfly owners tried this? I couldn’t get mine balanced, it was always too tail heavy even with the foil all the way back.

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Zero SUP foiling experience, and zero Progression Project knowledge either, but I have wing foiled that shape a lot, with a wide variety of Sabfoil foils, mostly using smaller foils in the 630-750 cm2 range.

Have always used the method that @mirza3627162 posted above, and fine tuned then. Looks like progression’s mast connection is closer to the front wing than on my foils. Here is my setup that feels and rides good:

Once you are going full speed in better waves try not to stand too far forward on that shape, and use narrower stance. That makes any touchdowns, especially the ones during banked turns, even more sweeter. For that reason I sometimes move the foil (quite similar setup to the pic above) further back as on this pic:

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