Kujira 2 vs progression

Unifoil is very popular where I live, I see a lot of guys ripping on the progression gear ( might have something to do with the rep living near our best foil spot)

I have been ridding the kujira v1 since day dot and love the feel of the 1210, but alas it’s time to upgrade to new tech, should I jump on the uni band wagon or keep loyal to kujira and give the V2 a go? Interested in what you all think, Pluses and minuses for both!

I’m 182lbs/82kgs, can regularly double dip and really enjoying working on carves and turns, I only prone at the moment!

I can speak to K2 only. Frozenfoiler has tried both.

Super stable in turns
Either 950 or 1100 could be your only foil even if you wing too.
Very gentle and predictable takeoff
Great speed range(much faster with similar stall speed as k1)
Much better build and stiffness than k1
Lots of sizes for getting it just right, and they are all good.

I drilled and tapped holes for standard tails, and marlin/178 seem much better than the new ones. But I hear they are releasing new ones

I heard foil shop is working on a k2 vs afs video.

I borrowed a progression 170 for a couple months. It was awesome! Super fun as advertised.

I’ve used the kujira 2 950. Also really awesome!

High level. I’d say the progression is easier to pump more glide similar speed. Kujira a little higher top speed, but the 950 is smaller than the. Kujira 2 Maybe smoother turning but a little harder to pump.

Both absolutely amazing in Whitewater and turbulence.

Trying out the Armstrong updated HA 880 and 680 Currently and I think it’s another notch above both progression and K2 for all around prone foiling in short period small surf, but it’s a newer foil by many months.

As reported by others, the lift for their size and low stall speeds on these new Armstrong Ha is ridiculous.

I was on the 880 yesterday 2 ft at 10 seconds on the bouy. could have definitely been on 780 . I’m 160 lb s

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Good point. I tried the 880 behind the boat for one go at the end of my turn and just whipped out and pumped it. It felt to me at least as easy to pump as the 1250 k2, but with a hard floor feeling, like you are actually jumping up and forward off of something, instead of pushing it into the water. For the first time I didn’t slowly sink, but rather it slipped out from under me like a watermelon seed, as I am not used to that kind of feedback. It does seem like ha will be relevant the longest of anything out now. Btw here is someone on the 680 or 880 can’t recall, slowing down while going back to the wake, he didn’t stall at that angle. I thought that crazy.

The kujira 2 is very good. @lafoiler just won a DW race out in Los Angeles on it, beating some pro riders on Lift.

That being said. If you’re buying at this moment, just buy Code. haha. They have plenty of sizes and ranges to do anything you could possibly want to do. Haven’t heard much bad said about them yet.

Armstrong stuff is always good too.

My one caveat is. If you primarily wing. Buy the Omen Operator 1050. It’s the best foil I’ve ever used winging. @theliftjournal seems to like his too and he came from Unifoil and primarily prones I think.

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Everything is getting so close it matters less and less. I’m on the p170 and came from the 1210.

If you want the best pumping in the surf, progresion seems to be undisputed king (but barely) in our Florida waves amongst our group. If you want turning first, then K2 or Fone Sk8 (but barely) get great feedback. New Armstrong gets rave reviews too. We have 30 prone surfers in our group and swap gear constantly. Nobody in the entire group had been on code. They don’t seem optimized for Florida waves. I don’t think you could go wrong with Armstrong, Uni, K2 or Fone.


I agree with most of this post. While it’s true the progressions are optimized for Florida waves, Code looked pretty good at the FSRL. I think that the Code lineup is more fleshed out than the Unifoil lineup is all.

@Rad_Duke who is south of me by a hour might have good feedback. He’s used both code and AFS, but preferred/stayed on Uni.


Thank for all the response’s, the foil community really is the best, imagine the response from a surfers forum if I asked about fins, I would just be told to “fuck off kook”. the Armstrong ha 880 was a bit of a curve ball for me, but the reviews look great! I’m going to try to demo one!
Cheers again

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Might be a bit off topic from your original question but that’s Adam’s take on the current market.


Depending on where the OP foils, some of that may be too small/fast.

The Amstrong will likely have to be a 780ha(my personal fav) or an 880ha.
Bennetts can ride the 680ha on some small stuff that makes me scratch my head. I will see if I can find the video.

Thats a 680ha on a reform wave. Really impressed me after giving it a go myself.

But, he also told me first hand that he switches to something else when he is on bigger faster waves.

The Sk8 850 and the 850 Silk are the sizes I’d look at based on whats being replaced.

I’m on the p170 and came from the 1210. I prone both foils with the axis aluminum mast 75cm.
They both have solid forgiving pumps (easy to grave dig) and roll over pretty easily.
The biggest difference for me is how much less cardio I use when pumping the progression around.
Both foils have a pretty average top end speed. I weigh 185lbs

I loved the Kijira 1 so when the 2 came out I bought the 1100 immediately. I was stoked. smoother lift, great glide. I could turn it also. Then I tried the 950. I couldn’t believe how fast it turned. the 980 and the 950 do a slide out thing that would happen on waves of consequence, which was sketchy. My friend let me try the code 850 and it was a whole new world of speed. I never thought I could ride a wing that small.
So I demo’d Uni and F-one and in the end uni is the best, for me.
the 125 is fast and the 140 pumps great. both turn predictably.
I tried the 170 but it didn’t offer anything the 140 couldn’t do.
I weigh 190.
I still have a wandering eye for the code as I only tried the stock set up and it was amazing. maybe if I would have tested tails I could have unlocked the magic.

Not my sale, but I can put you in touch with him. Great discount on a full Kujira II setup.

Definitely. It highly depends on the waves, level of rider, and style of riding. Tomo Earl is using the sk8 650 as daily driver which is bonkers. But with a high level a few sizes down is possible. Erik is still on the prog 170 as main driver, the waves in florida dictate that. It’s just pointers, you can extrapolate to a few sizes up and ideally demo if you have that luxury :stuck_out_tongue:

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Have you ridden HA too? If we turn this thread into a bracket for best pumping foil for low energy waves, sounds like it’s now progression vs HA. I heard a local might stick with surfing and sell his progression(!), so I’m suddenly very curious about that comparison.

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Sorry for the delay on this, I am primarily prone and try to wing when it’s super windy. Once I figure out how to wing I will most likely do it often. As far as Omen in the prone side of foiling I really love it. Our swell tends to have a little more juice and the operator is just super flowy and feels good at all speed ranges. At first I will say it took a bit to get used to the pump. It’s not as forgiving as the progression but after 2 months exclusively on the Operator I can go from almost completely stopped in pump to back up to speed. But lets be honest here… We didn’t get into prone foiling to pump we got into it to surf waves. That’s what the operator does insanely well. I can put all my power into turns and I never feel like I am losing control. I tend to now find myself trying to go and hit whitewater where I would’t and know that my foil is going to handle it. I had a love affair with the 850 but then really connected with the 1050. It’s my go to and when the waves get a little more powerful I simply negative shim my tail. I attached my review below if interested.

I’ll grab a buddy’s MA this upcoming week and see if I can get some good comparison information

You mean HA? I’ve heard MA is "virtually unpumpable":joy:

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The MA1000 will pump a little. The 625MA not so much haha