Progression 140 just arrived! First ride

Ready to try the Progression 140 for the first time tomorrow. Currently on the Kujira 980 with kd 13". what would be the best tail configuration for smoothest transition between foils? 145lbs
Thanks for any assistance.


Epic Epic Epic. Progression 170…Received last night unboxed and straight to water. Waves 2’ faces light offshores. My pump game went thru roof to 5 counts from 1st wave on and she carves like a beaut. Eric and company, absolutely genius work, this definitely is next generation foil. Thank you for your service. :saluting_face: jd


Sounds great. What’s your weight and what foil were you on before? I’m 95kg and hope the 170 will do the same for me.

Stoked John!!! Feel free to hit me for any tuning ideas. Play with a bunch of different tails on it. You can get some surprisingly different feels and speed ranges.

What’s the timeframe on the progression tail?

yeah I got my first prone rides this AM on the prog170 and then winged the surf all afternoon on it, proned the shiv0*, winged all three tails with 0*.
Really great pump and glide for prone, wow I caught my first wave and was up for probably 5 minutes in near lake-like conditions.

Will post full review after more prone sessions. Got it pretty dialed for winging in surf, conditions were fantastic today.


Very satisfied with my Progression 170 after just a few sessions. I’ve paired it with KD Marlin 14 and I’m really impressed that a wing can do so many things so well. I understand that it might not have the top end that some other foils have but I’m keen to try it on the wing.

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I rode the Prog 170 on sup dw, I was amazed by the glide, so smooth and easy to get.
I can actually flat water start easier with this one than the Hyper 210 !
I don’t think it will be fast enough for big dw conditions but for light days or bay run (slow moving bumps) it works good.

I also have the prog 140, exactly what I was looking for : really good glide, easy pump, handles well the speed and good for carving turns. Using shiv 13" 0°. I think I will chop one of the stab to get even more turning ability.

I tried both standard mast (75) and Katana (75), I’m 75kg, so the standard mast feels good but I like the extra stifness of the Katana and the extra drag doesn’t bother me as the foil is so efficient.


Would you use the 140 for bigger DW days or would you go with one of the hyper 2s (170?).

I havent’ tried the 140 for dw but I definetly will, i think top end and glide should be better than 170 hyper2.

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Curious to know…

how are wingers using the progression in their quiver?

For those using the h2 and progression, what are you using each for?

What tails are working (other than the obvious Uni options)?

Rode mine yesterday for the first time with the shiv (even foot) 13 tail with the 0 shim and went great. I also weigh 145 lbs and felt like it was still loose enough for me. That foil feels very balanced and has an incredible low end stall speed yet is nimble and maneuverable. It was a typical florida knee to thigh high day and it will now be my daily driver. For reference I primarily rode the lift HA 120/26 carve.


Had a chance to log a couple session over the last few days on my Progression 140 (one of which was with @Novo-caine ). I’ve been riding the Hyper2 170 for the last few months and noticed the additional glide of the Progression right away. Whereas the Hyper2 requires a generally light but consistent pump cadence to maintain speed on the way to a connection, the Progression 170 allows you skip every third pump or so, providing those quick recover breaks while up and riding. Maneuverability is fantastic and breaching a tip doesn’t result in any adverse movements, which is a welcomed change from the Hyper2.


Greg are you comparing to Hyper 210 “2”?
Did you ever downwind the original Hyper 190? Wondering how the 170 compares

Yes I’m refering to Hyper2. I used to dw a lot with Hyper1 170/190/210, easy go ride and good at their time especially since there were the first (with sign but it was all Clifford desing so the same) with good glide but felt a little slow.

Cheers thanks considering a used one for beginner DW to complement the progression 140 that is arriving soon… I hope

So should I dump Axis and move to Unifoil, or whats the verdict here


I still ride Axis for winging (ART799 & ART999) but for prone, I couldn’t wait any longer for the new surf wing to come out so I jumped ship.

I know it will have less top end than the two ARTs, but I’m going to give the Progression 170 a go one the wing as riding bumps will be great with the glide as will the ability to turn. My 999 glides for days but turning it, even with a small tail, is a chore.

In the future, if funds permit, I’ll go with an ML setup to wing. That being said, I would like to try the Vyper 90 or 130 on the 95cm Katana mast and compare to my Axis setup.


I’ve only gotten a single wing session with 20 knot sideshore and tiny wind bumps on the P170 and was winging the H170 a lot, and honestly I see no downside for the P170 compared to the H170, only upsides. The progression rides so well composed and it makes everything effortless. IMHO, it turns more predictively, glides waaaaaaaaaaaaay better, and I don’t notice any loss in the top end at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if the P170 is slower top end compared to the H170, but I haven’t noticed it yet. Progression definitely breaches better, tip or whole foil hops.

For reference, I’d say I’m an advanced winger and prone surfer, but I don’t want to have to work hard.


Has anyone designed shims for the KDMaui Marlin tail that fills the gap on the Unifoil fuse?

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