Lift 250ha disappeared?

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Sorry for the possibly simple question, but no one that I know seems to know this answer.

Why did Lift stop making their 250ha?

Also, if there’s anyone on here “in the know” with Lift. Will there be some larger high aspect wings coming in the future? The 200ha is definitely on the smaller side of things when compared to Axis and other brands, for dockstarts, lightwind winging and dw.

Reach out to them directly as I think they might still make and sell the 250 HA even though its not on the website. I had asked the same question last year (I was selling one) and at that time they were still making it even though it wasn’t on the site. The reason the wing might not be very popular is because its not really high aspect. Lift (oddly) holds wingspan close to constant at different surface areas, so the larger the wing, the lower the AR. The 250 AR starts to encroach into the surf series, so its kind of an odd overlap area.

Ive ridden the 200HA and the 250HA and the 200HA is a better wing in every respect - literally no downside. It pumps better, glides better, turns better and the low end is very similar (which makes sense since the 200 is higher aspect than the 250). Probably another reason to retire the 250HA.

I haven’t heard or seen anything larger coming, but Im probably not as “in the know” as others. There has been talk of the 150HA for a few years. I know people have been riding it for over a year, and apparently one was shown at AWSI, but it hasn’t been released yet. That size has been a notable hole for them for a while in my opinion.

Yeah, I’d imagine it’s because the 250HA is not needed in the lineup. I guess the 150HA was talked about, but not actually at AWSI btw. I told my brother to get a picture for me, but lift didn’t have one there.

Lift is more focused on efoil and prone foil. They have enough problems with their narrow wingspan wings cracking and leaking, they don’t need to make super wide wingspan wings.

Just a guess but I think it’s because 250 HA and 250 Surf V2 are so similar. I have a 250 HA and use it for winging. I have it paired with the 32 Glide tail. Today I rode my friends 250 Surf V2 with his 40 tail. Felt the same to me. The surf V2 might be a little faster.

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ah yeah, that makes sense. Thanks guys. I also heard rumors about the 150ha, which would be cool, but wish they would add a 250 or 300 that’s higher aspect.

I recently compared the 200surf to 200ha and was surprised that they actually had really similar stall speeds, even though the surf is more medium aspect. The only noticeable difference was that the surf was slower and turned easier.

Has anyone here tried the 250 or 300 surf for SUP flat water paddle ups or dock/beach starts?

Ive tried the 250 surf a few times for flat water paddle up. Been getting off the water but stalling out. I’m sure it has more to do with my technique than the foil. Pretty easy in the surf / chop though.

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