Lift 130HA and / or the replacement for the 90HA

Anyone with info or was it just a typo I ran across on the interwebs? :nerd_face:

Geez, these guys have tighter security than the white house.

I guess we’ll find out next week…

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Anyone have more info on the new Lift small foils??

There is no 130ha. Lift has a 70m 90, 120, 150, 170, 200, 250 in the HA lineup.

They just came out with the 110x, 150x which are much more efficient. I have the 150x and it’s awesome. Handles speed like the 120ha but pumps better than the 170ha. Rumor is they’re launching a 180x and 210x in the next few months. :slight_smile:


Thanks seangalla,
Probably the 130 reference I saw was a typo. Would fit well between my 150x and 110x though :kissing: I’d also be happy to pick up a bigger X. Just a rough estimate at 10/1 AR, the 180 would have a span of 116cm, the 210, a frightening 135cm (better check my math…) :grin: I hope they reinforce the web area where the trailing edge meets the fuse. That’s a weak point.

I was just curious about smaller wing updates since the 90HA has been discounted for like a month now.

Ya it sounds like the bigger HA "X"s they have coming out will not be as high aspect as the 150. They will be lower aspect than the others because bigger wings like that usually have a different purpose requiting more low end, more glide etc.

Why do you think they’re blowing out the 90ha’s for huge discounts?

I have no inside info but it certainly seems likely the 90HA is about to be replaced unless there’s just a huge overstock. The awsi board sports trade show starts Wednesday here in Hood River, hmmmm :thinking:

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Because the 110x is better. Pumps better than the 120 but handles speed better than the 110.

Pretty sure now the 130 reference was not a typo, even hearing about a 100. With the 90 being blown out it all fits. Wonder when it’s official :thinking:

X2 Masts are not available on the website anymore.
Maybe new mast coming ?

…And being discounted just as the 90HA. Interesting, what was that, a six month run? It’s a decent mast but no match for the 110 and 150X in terms of drag.

short-lived! Yep new ones coming soon

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Any sneak peak on the new bigger wings?

Copy paste from a WhatsApp group ;

-180x is directly inspired by the 150x with extra glide while still being surfy. Similar shape to 150x. 9.3 At 41” span. Probably the most exciting wing of this release.
-220x downwind, pump, and light wind wing machine. thin foil profile and very efficient design. 8.4 AR 43” span.
-Flow tails will have HA shape and longer 12” fuselages. For Max glide and efficiency.
-M2 mast supposed to keep the classic mast profile but with added stiffness. +30% stiffer flex and +45% torsional.


Any news on release date of the new foils???

I heard by the end of the month

Anyone notice that the 120 is no longer listed on lifts website? the 90 is still there.

Or notice the price of the new mast :scream:
Makes my No Limitz look cheap.

I’ll try a 180 and 220X but don’t think that’s the direction I want to go in a bigger foil. Looking forward to see the new tails though.

120X (or 130?) should be announced shortly…


My wallet hates this sport :call_me_hand:t2: