What’s next from Lift?

Any color in weather Lift will come out with a 150HA?
Thinking about a 170HA to complement my prone,tow,wing quiver (120HA, 150V2, 200HA, 250 V2). Do the #s mean less every time they launch a new wing due to different design features? I would wait for a 150HA if I knew it were coming.

Every rumor I hear is yes there is a ha150. New lift gear is supposed to come early 2023.

A foil in the hand though.

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I feel like the next wing lift designs will be made specifically to help them navigate their giant pool of eFoil money Scrooge McDuck style


3 new HA wings coming


Anything to compete with the huge foils from other brands? Kujira 1440 or AXIS 1300 etc?

Unfortunately not in early 2023, haven’t heard anything else for the future. Complete guess on my part but if they made a HA 1300 size wing I don’t think their masts would be up to the task?

That just gave me major FOMO

I saw a 110 HA prototype in Florida last month. Looked like the 90 with longer span. I don’t know about any of their plans beyond that.


Been riding a lot of lift lately, along side Takuma but with nomimitz mast.
Lift is impressive with their HA wings. So I have been leaning towards lift lately ( mainly because of the long fuse adapter and fast tail from foil parts) makes the 120 as big as I would want to go. ( 68kg)
They are for sure developing a few more HA wings to fill in their line up. They are very focused on the surf foil market, their success and Efoil focus just means more money for testing and developing sick HA and surf wings??
Sounds like a win win for us :heart_on_fire: go lift!

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So much coming. Wait a bit, you won’t be disappointed…

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Do tell! Anything you can share?

I’d be keen for this wing.

70, 110x, 150x. X = super high aspect.


Excited to try the new gear. Has anyone ridden the 160 Camber Pro prone?

I am also excited to try the 150 HIGH ASPECT X!



Can anyone tell me what is different or what has changed on LIFT’s HIGH ASPECT V2 FRONT WINGs? Thanks!