Lift Wing Fuselage 3” Extender

Going along with the latest podcast episode on tuning, thought I’d share this link. While Lift doesn’t offer the same tuning options as other brands due to the fixed tail, I was surprised to find that they do offer a fuselage extension. It’s not intuitively placed on their website, and I only found it because I was doing a general Google search for “Lift Foils fuselage extension”. Might have to pick one up and give it a go with the 26 Carve tail for shorerunner/downwind stuff.

Lift 3” fuselage extension


Or you can get the long tail option on and run any tail you want. Twice the money, but worth it in my opinion.

That is definitely another option that would give you a bit more flexibility. I was looking at it from the perspective of someone that already has all the Lift gear. If I were to go the foilparts route, it’s really going to be 4x to 5x the money by the time I get their fuselage and another tail to go with it vs. just picking up the extender to use with the stock Lift tails that I already have

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I love the Lift 3" extension and use it with the Carve 26 and Carve 33 to get a bit better pitch control for Downwind SUP Foiling and Winging. Lots of people using it here in the Gorge these days.