Opinions: Lift 170 High Aspect + Carve Tail

Hello everyone,

I´ve been debating about getting a 170 for smaller days, just for gliding and breaking my 15mins record on the waves.

If someone has rode it paired with the carve tails, which your experience?
Does it make it turn better?

Any comments about the wing and tail are welcome. have a nice day!

I rode the170 with the 33 carve tail behind a boat and it had a very stable feel but still rolled over pretty well.
I towed some small clean swell on the 170 with the 26 carve tail and it was a bit twitchy but very surfy with nice glide.

The 26 Carve tail, is a fair bit shorter, and is more pitch sensitive. I like my 26 tail a lot, but it works best for me with the Lift fuselage extension.

Still haven’t broken the code for endless glide on either the 170 or the 120. Connecting some waves on the 170 with the 32 glide and able to get about half way back out to my takeoffs on the 120. Skills are improving but I always figured the 26 carve wouldn’t be very good with the 170 unless you paired it with the extender because of how short it makes the fuse and how much draggier the 170 is compared to the 120.

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The 170 is my daily. If the waves are bigger I like the positive feel of the surfier tails whether its lift tails or using the adapter to ride others. I almost always like the extender on it better ( unless its the already extended glide tail. ) That being said, I really like the 32 glide. I hated it at first because it felt way too neutral to me. After some time on it I love it now. So long as I’m exiting waves with plenty of speed it feels like I can accelerate on the glide better than any of the others I have. It’s not as snappy / less pushback on the turns though. I like amundson’s tail for bigger surf days. Though it doesn’t pump as well / bit more drag. Tradeoffs…

I’m garbage though, so grain of salt.

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Agreed here - 170Ha + Extension + 26Carve is a solid setup!


I’ve ridden it with both the 26 & 33, with and without the extender.

Both carve tails make the 170 a lot easier to roll, and easier come out of a turn.

Without the extender, they are great for tight wraps in the pocket, but you definitely will have less pitch stability and less drive when pumping compared to a 32 glide.

With the extender, you get almost the same drive pumping as a glide tail. The turn radius is tighter than what it would be with the 32 glide.

One other thing to note is that as you get into bigger waves, I find the carve tails have better pitch stability than the gildes, particularly with the extension. This is true on the 170, 120, and 90.

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This is my current go to for the wing ding. I’m not ready for the 120HA just yet but I am keen to give the 150HA a spin (when it drops).