Looking for 2.hand Prone board in Europe 35-45 L

Hi guys, long time surfer from Scandinavia but new to foiling. Already got a F one phantom 1780 carbon setup with a wing board and wing. But want to get into Prone. Relatively easy to find deals on Wing stuff, but harder to find secondhand Prone boards up here.

Anybody in Europe has a decent board to sell in the 35-45 L range or can point me in the direction of secondhand markets? Must be willing to pack up and ship to Scandinavia🙂
( Of course happy to buy from the US as well, but I think shipping costs are a dealbreaker?)


Got a strong full carbon sandwich GONG 4’8 38L
Fellow scandinavian here. Board is in Denmark Klitmøller, happy to ship :slight_smile:
Has not been used much, nice and stiff.

That is interesting! Im in Norway🙂 I will email you

Second hand I would look for appletree, amazing construction. Give them a call they might have boards with little defects at the factory also, selling a bit cheaper. Gong has to be seen as a disposable board.

How much experience do you have with their fsp pro construction? I would say it is just as strong and stiff as what I have tried from other brands. But I agree that their boards from 3 years ago where not a great construction, they were brittle and cracked…

A friend broke the box just proning strapless. I broke the prev generation board also strapless. Its lacking a bit of strength I think, just one opinion though.
XPS foam type construction is much much stronger and durable