Looking for insights on MFC Helios

Interested in the Maui Fin Company Helios 1250 & 1400 series foils w carbon mast. Anyone have experience or feedback on these? They seem like they may be a generation old compared to most current gear, though given our somewhat infrequent use isn’t the end of the world.

Fresh water use for small wave SUP, possible prone, possible Wing & Windsurfing. Users are 150 and 170lb. Primary board similar to KT WingDrifter 130L.

Learned to fly on a 4’ board pulled behind a jetski during 2022.

I think the big improvements in foil tech have been geared towards pumpability. If you’re not concerned about that then I think these would be fine.

Yes I have those! They are super easy use and fun! I’m use my axis gear more on sup and prone cause the axis alloy mast and the front wings are easier to pump. But yeah the MFC helios are so fun for winging I find, and prone!
Their carbon mast is so light weight, which is nice but some flex, which I like for winging but not for sup (heavier board).
The Helios have a lot of front foot pressure, so mast further back in boxes compared to the black MFC front wings they are more back footed.
The Helios are very stable and turn’s really nice.

Thanks! What size front wings do you have and what conditions are right for them? Looking at the 1240 and 1400.

Interesting comment on the light and flex of the carbon mast. Almost makes me think about the alu mast… Price is right new/direct from MFC right now.

I need to think about whether we want the front vs rear foot bias.

What’s the price?

The Onofoil is objectively better and has a MUCH better carbon mast. It’s $1100 or $1300 brand new.

$650-$725 shipped for full kit, including carbon mast. Aluminum mast drops prices to $550 complete. Its a deal for sure…must be ready to introduce some next gen product is my guess.

It’s top of the line first generation gear. The price reflects that. But I’m sure it’s plenty good to learn on.