ONOfoil m800 YouTube Review

So I’ve been talking about how ONO is the best deal in foiling for awhile now. $1400 for a setup including a stiff, good carbon mast. Since my friend Rob does YouTube reviews and liked the look of it. I gave him my setup to do a review. Rob is about 200 lbs and likes to do freestyle winging.

The designer of these foils is the same guy behind “foilparts” that makes all the adapters people use. Daniel is pretty good at designing foil stuff it turns out.


Been testing the 800, its pretty good, replacing probably both 125 and 150

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How have you been liking it for prone?

Yeah the swifts are good. But didn’t wow me. I like the m800 a lot more.

Only had one prone surf session on the m800 so far. Stayed up longer and easier than my old lift gear. I’m really liking it.

its a great wing, very stable and easier to navigate through rougher water. very good pump and very good speed. liking the glide too.