What Foil Next?

I’m from Southwest UK around 85KGs or 90KG in a wet winter Wetsuit.

Currently using an old neil pryde Medium Slim foil. 80.2 cm span 1230cm^2 projected area.

Using it for SUP (110L) , Prone (35L) and Winging (110L). With SUP and Prone being the main focus.

I think its time for an upgrade!
I want a more efficient, full carbon? foil.

Trouble is the top guys are making all the top brands look good and I can’t decide which way to go!

Are there any foils that really do it all very well? Or should I go down the quiver route using a nolimitz or cedrus mast? Many thanks!

I feel theres so many products and numbers being thrown around. Maybe only Erik has it all in his head!

Would be very gratefull for your recommendations.

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For SUP and wing with full carbon as your goal. Oddly enough I’d say GoFoil. But you’re in the UK so that’s probably really expensive.

Maybe see if mackite ships to you. 2021 GoFoil Full Set GTS1400/Fix tail(FT) 14.5 Long - Used This front foil is slightly smaller, so good for windy days, add a bigger front foil for small SUP or light wind days.

If price is prohibitive for GoFoil that pushes me over to Takuma when the new mast comes out. It won’t be in the US until December it sounds like.

My first thought when you said SUP and wing though was AXIS. I’d say get the 19mm aluminum mast over the power carbon’s just to get yourself extra front foils instead of the expensive mast though. But then you wouldn’t be on all carbon.

EDIT: Having owned and sold a “universal” mast. I didn’t find it lived up to the hype of one mast to rule them all. Trying to “catch em all” for the adapters proved more work than it was worth. If you do end up going that route. Buy every adapter you might want up front. Otherwise the universal nature is kind of ruined when you have to order and wait 2 months for a new adapter.


So many great foils out there. If you don’t have access to try any, it can be very hard to make the call on what to get.
I had made my mind up on going with the kujira for the fact many great riders on podcasts have said they were the best all round foils. Others can take them on specific disciplines but over all they are hard to beat.
But then it came down to what I have easy access to. You don’t want to be waiting months for new parts.
I suggest seeing what you can get a hold of in your area and that may help you at least narrow it down!!! Look what you can get used because you may be able to pick up an extra wing or two cheap to add to the rig you end up deciding on as well.
I went with a brand because it was a solid set up (very little flex in alumi mast) for less $$$ with A LOT of options.
Trying to get a few points you want and don’t want will help to.
Carbon/non carbon
Quality control
Some carbon rigs mast and fuse don’t come apart if you want to travel with it.

All kinds of reason to help narrow you search.
Hope this helps some how. Good luck!!

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Thanks for the help! I found a lot of gear feom unifoil was available locally and the build quality looks incredible, a lot of people making them look very good in the surf too! I had a nice demo session and did a buy! Now I’m back to being the limiting factor in performance!


Unifoil is posed to take over the foil world. They just haven’t been able to get product out fast enough due to COVID lockdowns when they tried to go full Australia production.

Once they start getting gear flowing in a steady manner and the new wings start showing up, they will be a force to be reckoned with. You are poised to take advantage of that now. Good choice.


Which foil(s) did you get?

I saw on Instagram the Hyper 2 is coming soon. That plus a Vyper would be a nice set up that covers wing and prone. Anyone know when the Hyper 2 will be available?

What’s the best way to get Unifoil in the US/California?


Lets hope so! The kit looks and feels amazing from my very limited experience! Only 2 sessions in!

Excited to see the new wings I have the 190 and 170 vypers for wing sup and prone surf foiling. With both masts and tge race 18"stab. Which i will chop at some point, i want to educate myself on wing designs more first though! 12" chop felt good on the demo rig i tried

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I’m fairly certain Josh in Seal Beach is the US rep. He has vyper’s in stock at the moment.

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Josh at the Foil Shop is our current retail account on the west coast. He does have stock and he and his crew are ridding the gear and has been a huge supporter of the brand! I am actually the global sales mgr for Unifoil. AWSI was great so keep you eyes open for new retail shops carrying Uni. Anyone can hit me up on IG @foilthis.

Josh at The Foil Shop will be receiving his Hyper 2 demos shortly as they are going out to shops in the next few weeks and they will be available to the public for purchase around the holidays!

If you have any questions feel free to message me. I work for Unifoil and can help you out!

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