Naish pump wings

Looks like Naish are finally getting into the pump scene.

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Darn, new fuse required :unamused:

It’s on the site though! 1400 and 1800

It’s better they launched with a new fuse-wing connection than one that wasn’t able to handle the load.

My biggest complaint about Naish. It seems like every year is a new system.

Yeah, it makes sense and on the plus side it looks like an original fuse would still fit.

Using the original fuselage with these wings, if possible would probably void any warranty. Fuselages are cheap and should be considered consumable.

From Seabreeze


I got the Naish 1400 Glide Pump wing. Doesn’t seem to be many reviews. I’ve been able to flat water paddle it up, it took me a while to get used to it as it’s higher aspect than my other foils.

I’ve used it mainly in small surf 1-3’ and it glides amazing. It turns reasonably well if you’re not looking for performance just to turn if the wave gets to steep or closes out.

It’s helping me get more efficient pumping. I was nervous this wing would be only flat water, but I’ve managed to get it into some fairly steep waves 3-4 and made it out. Also hoping it unlocks some more down winding opportunities.

I’m on the East Coast of Florida so our waves are pretty weak. It’s been a lot of fun so far.

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