2024 Pump wings?!

I plan on getting one in the next few months and was eyeing the F-one Jam 1600, but the Axis SF 1180 came out and then Naish dropped the Pump 1800…

What are people riding these days and who’s making a good one?

Why do you want a pump wing might be the better question. :slight_smile:

Naish one looks good, but then you’d be back where you started on Naish, can you handle that?

One question is whether you are pumping on a lake (vs. turbulent water). another is whether you want to do long distance pumping?

Looking to use it for flat water pumping in the harbor and small surf riding. My Progression 170 is pretty amazing for small stuff, but I’m always keen to try something new.

With afternoon winds around Dana Point 6-10kts in the afternoon I’d like to get into light wind winging or DW in micro bumps. There is a free summer trolley (Bus) in town that has an oversize surf rack on the back so I have a ride for solo runs from the harbor to capo beach and further if i want to break the kit down (San Clemente has a trolly system as well)

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H250 is on sale

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