Any Naish foils reviews?

Anybody riding the Jet HA or MA foils?

The MA foils look very different than what other brands are making and a little intrigued to try them.

The new line of Naish foils is about to be released so any reviews will be probably be for the old models. Totally redesigned Jet HA range and new HM masts too.

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New foils! Prices are very reasonable, Naish making a push to become more relevant?!

The tails look the same as the old ones, and pretty dated? Would be interested in how these work out.

I suspect new stabs will be released when the pump wings arrive later in the year, along with the new HM mast.

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I got the 2024 1040HA front wing.

I dont really have any comparisons or skill rather for making statments about it other than its 38inch wingspan(98cm) makes me feel like its impossible to carve

Im thinking of jumping to the 640HA since its comprable to the lift90 except im really worried it may not hold my weight at 220lbs

Now that the new foils have been on the wild for a bit, any reviews? I rode the old 1040HA or the 914 if it’s pumping. Would love to hear about the 840HA before I give up on Naish

I’ve just picked up the new HA1440, I normally ride the Mach1 900 but wanted something more user friendly for light wind. Generally I hate big wings but wow, seems Naish have designed a wing that offers the advantages of a big wing, easy take off, low drag, low stall speed and great swell riding without the slow draggy feel of past big wing offerings.

I use it on my 74ltr board, I’m 80kgs and it gets me going in 10 knots on a 5mtr. No need for a long downwind board or stupidly big hand wing.

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Let’s hear about the Mach 1, is it a wing specific foil?

6ft, 212lbs , 95kgs
Surfed 15years
Foiling 5months

Board: Freedom Foil fusion 4ft6
Mast: 75cm naish carbon 100
Fuselage: aluminum naish 66cm
Front wing: 1040 naish HA
Stabalizer: 210cm jet ha chopped winglets off

Im interested in the sk8 from Fone as an all around foil.

Here you can see the ride roughly. And how far ahead of the curl you can sit


I’m still brand new to foiling but I’ve been surfing the Mach 1 900 prone. Haven’t linked waves pumping yet but I can surf it and only been out like 3 sessions. I think the Mach 1 will definitely work for a skilled foiler prone

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I wing either the 2024 HA1040 or Mach 1 900. The 900 is brilliant, so rigid but the 1040 has better in lighter wind as it has more lift and glide.

Just picked up the new HM mast, wow, this mast isn’t just for the big wings, brilliant on the small wings too, no ventilation ever.

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I run the 85cm 30% carbon mast with JET1800HA (for winging) JET 2140HA with 310 stab and just picked up the new 1800 Glider from Naish. The Glider is a game changer for my local conditions. Ive just ordered the new 2D 210 stab which arrives today. I think the 310HA with winglets is great for learning paddle ups and keeping me stable once up. All though draggy it is super stable, just doesnt want to turn. Im looking forward to feel the balance point of the 210 stab and turning radius. Cant say enough about the glider. Very powerful and super fun! The few posts I have read on the new 2D stabs are that they are faster and huge upgrade on the older Jet stabs. Im stoked to get my rig in the water and find out. The JetHa 1800 & 2140’s are still in the quiver. All though I havent touched them since the glider got here.

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did you upgrade to the glider specific fuse?

The hammerhead… yep had to otherwise the connection wouldnt fit. I used my S27 30% carbon mast though…

Its worth the upgrade as its stiff… seriously powerful FOIL… i mostly paddle up in flat water conditions but if there is any swell at all… the FOIL is almost overwhelming. Game Changer. Im stoked on the 210 2D stab upgrade which is being delivered today. It should make my deck release easier… and should be quicker as the 310HA is draggy.

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Just thought I would follow up on the 2D 210 stab upgrade as I had it out on the water last night… game changer. Faster, less draggy,. being able to pump with speed on turns… killer. I had a different pump signature that was more efficient. I could generate more speed when on FOIL. In fact I was able to pump up on FOIL, pump around then when I lost height pump back up with less energy consumed. It was flat water conditions so the door for me to be on FOIL longer and be surfing micro swell was opened. Couldnt be more stoked. I realize now that the 310HA stab is a killer winging stab but for pump foiling… not looking back.

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