Any Naish foils reviews?

Anybody riding the Jet HA or MA foils?

The MA foils look very different than what other brands are making and a little intrigued to try them.

The new line of Naish foils is about to be released so any reviews will be probably be for the old models. Totally redesigned Jet HA range and new HM masts too.

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New foils! Prices are very reasonable, Naish making a push to become more relevant?!

The tails look the same as the old ones, and pretty dated? Would be interested in how these work out.

I suspect new stabs will be released when the pump wings arrive later in the year, along with the new HM mast.

I got the 2024 1040HA front wing.

I dont really have any comparisons or skill rather for making statments about it other than its 38inch wingspan(98cm) makes me feel like its impossible to carve

Im thinking of jumping to the 640HA since its comprable to the lift90 except im really worried it may not hold my weight at 220lbs