North sonar foils?


Anyone using North for winging and prone? Their HA and MA and the latest SF range? Any feedback appreciated.


Oskar123- I have a few sessions on the 2022 North CF1850 wing. Not exactly what you were asking for but— so far so good, with both my kite and wing. Have not tried prone yet still trying to progress with kite first. I have not seen any feedback about Sonar foils in here yet either.

Ok thanks ! Feels like a solid system, North has always made great quality products.


I’ve been weighing up north v cab v unifoil the last few months and am leaning towards the new surf wings they have just released. Yesterday was the first time I got to see/feel a north setup in the flesh and I was super impressed. Mast was slick, solid and well put together. The HA850 wing and s208 stab was the setup and the local rider here was fairly moving on it. I reached out to the local north distributor to get a quote on the C85 mast, sf930 wing and s215 stab, their price point for the current foils is good but the new sf foils are priced higher (for some good reason no doubt). Mike Rapier is also on the current generic foil podcast so worth a listen.