New AFS Whitebird: Did my dream come true or is daylights savings playing a trick?

Looks like a great board for DW and lightwing for the average Joe/non pro rider.
Volume 100 | 115
Length 6’6 | 6’8
Width 21” | 23”

As a bigger rider 6’4" 95kg I was thinking I need 120ltr + to downwind, but I’m thinking the added width of the board will provide enough stability to dig in. KT mentioned 2 options for next year a beginner friendly wider/shorter version and narrower/longer high performance board, so this tracks with that. I also like the idea of fitting this board in my car instead of strapping an 8fter plus on the roof. Light wind winging should be great. Foot strap inserts are just on the front which makes sense, but I can’t tell what the configuration is and whether it would be compatible with Y straps.

Anyone else share this dream?!

got a DW very similar to the AFS. when you use the wing as a tripod, its very easy to get up. lack of width is not an issue at all. could be even narrower.

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I got the tripod to work on a 100liter Barracuda, but standing on it with a paddle was very hard.

The inserts are not set up for a y strap but the board construction would allow the installation of a new insert

Anyone try the larger 115L whitebird yet? I’m 85kg and just getting started winging, but I’m already thinking about my second board. The 115L seems like a board I could really learn everything on, jibes, tacks, then keep long term as a lighter wind board. The 100L board could also be a good second board, but maybe have to wait until I have more time on the water.

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Stay on your board a little longer than you think and then just go right to the 100L. Skip the the 115.

Thanks for the tip, beavis. I found an AFS dealer in the SF Bay Area (Sunset Sailboards), and will try them out this spring.

I have the AFS whitebird 115 liter 6’8”x23” I am 90 kg. I can stand up on it in flat water….a little harder around large boat wakes. I am a beginner wing foiler. I just came from a Naish hover gs 125 liter 6’4”x 31”. The whitebird is a super wing board. It’s fast and helps me get to foil easier than naish.

As to downwind or surf sup foil, I think it’s gonna be good for surf sup foil but a longer skinnier board will give more speed if pure dw is your game. I do think this board will downwind and it’s stabile but it will lack the speed of something more pure.

Hope this helps and pics post


One final note, don’t do the 100 liter. There is no size penalty but there is a comfort/stability penalty. You won’t regret 115 liter.