New Uni Progression Mast?

Totally man! I’m stoked to grab a ride on one!

All kidding asside i’m stoked to see so much sucess in yall committing hard to the prone space! I feel like the whole industry is focused entirely on wing and DW and i think yall have hopefully made the other brands recognize that prone is still a thing! I think even those of us on other brands gear will benefit from the changes in the industry.


Strong agree, Progression stuff is so good and great to have prone focused company


Slighty off topic - does anyone know how much the Katana weighs? I have a standard carbon 75 and its 1.7kg

75 Katana was 2.13kg by my scales

Topmick - thanks! Not super light then.

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While we are down the rabbit hole of connections… I wouldn’t hate the idea of a solid, no connection, full setup. Somewhat akin to the advantages of glass on fins. I know this wouldn’t come to market for the obvious non interchangeable disadvantage and therefore much more specific rider appeal.
But still, give me the new 80cm mast, PP170, med fuse, and carbon 13.5 ALL as one glassed component, I’d give it a serious look.
I know, dumb and expensive, but it would feel soliddd

FlipFlop, well… you can just epoxy it all together.

I’ve done that with at least a few parts before on race foils, and it made a noticeable difference. Bonus is you can use a fairing to smooth out any ridges or bumps at the connection points.


I feel like I’ve seen some kite racing foils that are a single piece. Can’t remember where I saw it though :frowning:

It would cost $800 to ship each one!!!

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Sorry if this was mentioned, but when is the progression mast available?

Uni told me in a few months. Was told this mid-September. Although I have seen one guy on youtube get his and unbox it. But then the video got pulled down. Too soon? I guess they’re not ready? haha

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What’s stiffer, cedrus evolution or progression, anyone know?

80cm for the progression mast


Thanks Mike , thats the perfect length :wink:

Is it? Curious as to why the Progression mast is 800. @Erik ? :slight_smile:

Probably because thats the size everyone wished the Katana came in, I wouldve bought that if it existed!

My favorite length for surfing. 75 is too short and 83 has a bit of delay. I think 80 is perfect. Also works dw and on the wing.

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800 is too short for winging and tow, 850 is the best imo. 800 is too big when sand bars and tidal beaches are involved and I prefer the 750 for this.

What would make sense is if they released it in the following sizes 750, 800, 850, but that would cannibalise all the katana masts that haven’t sold and wouldn’t sit well with all the retailers.

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