No Wind - Downwind'er

We’ve been working on local No Wind’ers in Half Moon Bay, California

Northwest swells hit Pillar Point, Mavericks, wrap and then hit Black Hand reef and fragment. No wind can be very good and it can be ridden when the outside swell is 15++++ feet. A little wind can mess it up, more wind isn’t necessarily better because there is no fetch with NW wind off the jetty wall creating just chop to slow down the takeoff.

Kyle Pemberton just made this video this morning from yesterday’s run. At 1 minute you’ll see his takeoff. He skips the first wave, tests the second and gets the third. He included all the aerial perspectives to show the wave lines and surface texture.

He was on his own P3 board (Pillar Point Productions) 8’x 18” x 115 liters @ 12 lbs (5.5 kg) 80 cm Ultra Pro mast and the 1121 with 50 skinny tail. This shows the entire 1 mile run. He weighs 185 lbs / 84 kg but is very skilled.


The combination of downwind experience, modern high aspect foils and efficient, light downwind boards have transformed our local Bay into a year-round training ground.

The following shows how the swell wraps from the Northwest and then turns 90 degrees heading Northeast. The Green lines are the reefs that fragment the swell. We paddle out along the jetty wall, either inside the harbor, or tucking the edge depending on the conditions. An ACE run is ~ 1 mile.


Really cool run y’all have there. I was over there last autumn and was wondering what the foil possibilities were in the area. Thanks for sharing.

My god. Foiling is just so freaking awesome.

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So sick @Beasho !!! I would love to come send it sometime. There have be tons of this same setup all over the world just waiting to be sent. It is cool what the long skinnies+ArtPro’s can do.

That looks awesome @Beasho, thanks for sharing!

Denton great video

Looks who’s advocating for the No-Wind Downwind’er.

Apparently the Hawaiians are doing it . . . . . too :slight_smile:

Yet another case of Foilers thinking they do everything first. :grinning:

James was just telling his club about a classic downwind run in New Caledonia or somewhere he did years ago on the sup. Then says it was actually upwind the day they did it haha.