NoLimitz 78 mast for sale - Can run Unifoil, Lift or Takuma

I have a 78 NoLimitz for sale. It’s a Takuma setup but have stringy adapters for Unifoil and Lift.
Mast was 1200 and the 2 adapters are about 125 each.

Perfect condition - message for pics


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Would you sell the uni foil adapter

I have been using the same 78 NL mast & Stringy adapter setup with my Uni Progression wings for about 6 months, imo it works great & seems stiff enough.

I’m 73kg & mast length with adapter is around 81cm.

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You can get one of those from Stringy.

How old is the mast and is it still under warranty? Mahalo.

About a year old. It’s the updated one with the tether inside it. @Sham_wow

Sounds like they support these things. From their site:
our mast is covered for 1-year from retail purchase against any manufacturing defects. However, it has been proven for over 25-years that we are experts at what we do, and historically we have not had any issues. In the super rare case that you have a mast break, please contact the shop where you purchased your mast from. They will contact us and we will make sure you are taken care of properly.

We are a no-hassle, no BS company, and we stand by our products. The vast majority of breaks that we see is because there was a gap in between the top and the bottom of the mast when it was rigged. When impacted, if the top and the bottom of the mast aren’t completely together, it will cause area around the ferrule to fracture. You can prevent this by running your hand down your luff every time you rig your sail before you go out to ensure the mast halves are completely together. If they’re not, derig and rerig to remove the gap. Otherwise, your mast won’t survive a big bail like the one below.

What’s the diff between V2 and v1 masts?

different shape i believe. i think i heard it was that tapered style thats thicker at board and thinner at foil end that a few of the brands are doing now.

SOLD - 78 NoLimitz

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