NoLimitz Takuma mast with Uni adapter

I bought a Progression kit with an 83 Katana, but I also picked up a Stringy adapter for my NoLimitz 78 (Takuma). I’m impressed with Stringy’s workmanship and think he helps make things work to help people maximize what they already have in terms of gear. Very cool, looks like it shouldn’t add too much drag.

Wild that I have one mast that will run Lift, Takuma, Unifoil. Looking forward to taking it for a spin.


I have the same & it goes great :grin:


So are there two different sized Takuma adapters now? This one would fit inside the Stringy adapter which would fit entirely inside the Uni fuse.

Thanks for posting I have one of these plus a few uni wings on order and was wondering what it was going to look like with the no limits Takuma mast.

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are they adding flex?

Hard to tell so far, I’ve only used the N/L mast - but I will throw the Katana on soon to see if there’s a difference. So far I am stoked on the way it feels.

yes i can feel flex between adaptor and mast when i bend the wing in my hands. Felt weird first use, i need a few more sessions before i know for sure. A lot of the weirdness would be that i haven’t used the vyper before i think

be good to compare vs the uni masts. might be the definitive answer

looking into getting a 2nd hand uni mast do exactly that, will report back.

Flex was pretty minimal for me. Maybe a touch stiffer, but not enough to really affect efficiency. Another + for the NoLimitz masts.

You guys still liking the strength of the connection between the mast, adapter, and fuselage? Any flex?
Looks like has adapters that fit a little more flush to the fuse and mast. Was thinking bout running V2 with uni/axis gear

I got a new takuma adapter for the old takuma NLv1, and it felt so loose I never got it wet. I’m sure v2 is stiffer but I wouldn’t think in the connection.

Had my nlv1 with stringy adapter for over 12 months and still happy with it, mine was and still is a very tight fit (have to tap it off). Also think I’ve got used to the flex & don’t notice if there is any (73kg).

It’s been a while, how are you liking the adapter?

It’s been great & still going strong, the Uni’s do have a step in them so not as clean as the Lift or Code.

I have the foilparts - NL v1 Takuma to Unifoil adaptor. it sits on top of the mast and fits nicely inside the Unifoil wings. No extra steps. It’s connected with 3x M8 35mm, these definitely loosen up over time. So make sure to check before shredding

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