Lift tails for surf?

Lift 170ha and 120ha
32 glide, 33 carve, 26 carve, and extension
weak bch breaks 2-4ft.@ 5-7 sec. the norm.
short rides so a lot of pumping for extra rides

always looking to jump on 120 when i can, but 170 is the daily for more connections.

170 works well w/ all the above, but havent tried 26 w / out extension yet. Fav on 170 so far is 33 carve, or the 26carve w extension. … I move the mast fwd and back on feel and most of the time i settle somewhat neutral, mid box on ffb wtf.

The 120 i dont get to ride as much and am trying to dial the best setup for it. I had 32 glide on it as my only tail for a while and loved the speed, but after riding carves on 170 i like the turn a lot better w them. Only one session on 120 w 26 and extension, but it was steep pita bch break closeouts so not a full send on it, yet. I also haven’t had a chance w/ the 33c on it.

With glide its fun to blast around, but i can also feel like im going too fast down the line and need to manage speed a bit before turning, or exiting.

My biggest bitch is before getting to clean water on the outside i often look like a kook trying not to get thrown around by the 120 . I know the 120 doesnt like turbulence, so im always trying to get out as fast as i can.

120ha…w/ which of those tail configurations
would be your favorite all around.

26 w/ extension is my guess…

But hows it get along w/ out the extension?

or the 33c w/ or w/out extension?

170ha favorite tail setup of the bunch?


I also mainly fly the 120 and 170ha. For stock lift tails I use the 26 carve with no extension on the 170 and it’s really fun but not good once there is any size I find it tops out quickly. For the 120 I like the 25 glide stock.

Now the game changer for me was KD Marlin 13. The long foil parts carbon fuse with the Marlin on the 170ha is incredible. Top end is extended a lot and the longer fuse makes carves very smooth. This same fuse/ Marlin setup works amazing with the 120 also.

A carve tail with a built in extra length on the fuse would be sweet because the stock lift tails are so slippery without any screws and mounting inefficienties

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Thus far I have ridden the HA 200, HA 170 and now HA 150 X only with the 32 glide tail. I have only tried another tail once (26 carve) when towing big rollers on a seadoo with the 120. Curious to hear what you all think about the 150 ha x and 32 glide combo.