Paddle size for DW foiling

I know there has been talk of using larger blades paddles for DW foiling. What is everyone’s take on this. I also hear talk about increased angle of the blade (like QB Ono Ava at 15•), how important is this?

I currently have a fair cheap paddle and am looking to upgrade. What are people using currently? And are you happy/what would you change about it?

Thanks - Vince

Hey Vince, I’m fairly new to SUP DW foiling but have been going back and forth on paddles as well. My two cents…. I have borrowed some really stiff paddles and some pretty big blades. If you are wanting to flatwater pop-up, you’ll need every advantage possible - fast board (long and narrow), big foil, big full carbon paddle. I did 8-9 sessions on flatwater trying to paddle up my 1440 Kujira and was able to get off the water but not fully get liftoff (no matter what paddle I used) and pump around. I went to the gorge though and was able to paddle up in medium-small bumps with my cheap 3-piece carbon shaft paddle. I decided not to try to afford the $500 paddle for now and just try to make up for it by working toward better technique. I have a Kalama style board. Hope this is helpful - I am by no means a pro. 44 yr old, 165#s, foil addict.


I did the opposite of Dave and quickly bought the Ono Ava 115 and do not regret it. I weigh 210 pounds and can flat water start my GL240 with ease now, still working on my smaller wings with a custom 7’6x20.5. The flex on the paddle I was using was not helpful, one thing I was warned about is if you have shoulder problems it may not be wise to use such a stiff large paddle. I have had some 2.5 mile dw runs where I didn’t get up on foil and my shoulders were definitely sore after those runs. I say get yourself a nice paddle!


I’m using the Ono Ava 105 and I’m 50 years old and 160 lbs. The Ono Ava 115 is better suited for guys closer to 200lbs. I think it’s the best option out there right now. It has a greater blade angle that stays in the power phase longer as our strokes are shorter while popping up. The wide bottom also helps give you extra power when your stroke catch is compromised as your cadence increases

@Riggs Do you think the Ono Ava matches well with the barracuda’s for flat water paddle ups? Would a smaller paddle which allows a higher cadence be beneficial?

I feel like I can continue to increase my speed and power with the Ono Ava. Smaller blades feel like I’m stuck in first gear and speed is maxed out quickly. I use the first 2-3 strokes to get going without pumping then I increase the speed, cadence and power. Start pumping once the board is moving with less pitch to get lifted on the Barracuda using the Ono Ava.