Progression 170 fuse and tail

Which fuse and tail are you guys ordering for prone?

I was told the chopped race tail was the best option. Apparently it’s very sensitive to setup and pairs best with an efficient tail and minimal shim. Given the efficiency Im also going to try a kd marlin.

If you’re only going to get one fuse I’d recommend the medium. Surfs great and pumps great. I like the short fuse sometimes for tighter turns, better low end torque on the pump, and the long fuse really stretches it out and lowers cardio on long runs. I’m downwinding the long. For tails its really a feel thing. The shiv uni tail is very good. I also like the kujira 158 and 178 and the marlin 13 and 14. Also good with the kd 13r. Going zero or .5 shim maximizes the glide and efficiency and you’ll still have tons of front foot if you move the mast up. I’m not really riding the race tail (the newer one) much as it’s slower and tends to be a bit pitchier.



Thanks for the detailed response. This is really helpful on our future purchases!

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