Lift 150 hax vs code 980s for pumping

Which one is better for pumping around the surf? Lift is slightly higher aspect, so perhaps bit better pump at a little cost of the turning?

I’m also Code curious though more interested in their yet to be released high aspect foil. That would be a better comparison the the 150X. I can’t imagine needing anything that initiates a turn more easily than the the 150 / 20 Carve combo, even with the extension, and can still hop over the top of any bump way out ahead. I’d be fully committed to the brand if they could just make their stuff last a few months :roll_eyes:

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Hello, i have ridden the 150X for a while, its really a DW foil but its good for very small days in the surf, and i was able to stay 10-12 minutes straight on foil.

On the other hand, i rode the Code 850S for 5 sessions. This foil is a game changer. When i catched the first wave, i had the feeling that i knew how the foil felt since the first pump.

The Code its so easy, its more stable on the take off (allowing me to catch more critical waves), the pump and glide motion is so fluid, foil assembly its stiffer and you feel more the foil and your inputs. I could stay 15-20 minutes easy without good conditions.

The Code feels slower, maybe i should try the smallest wing or other combinations. Also its not as reactive in turns as the 150X + 26 Carve. But overall its a very good surf foil.