Uni Progressions Get Stuck In White Wash?

I recently bought Progression 200, 170, 140 and 125. I’ve mostly been prone foiling the 170 and 200 because the waves are still small here. I got the progression 13.5 & 14.5 tails. 750 Katana. With an Armstrong FG surfboard 4’10.

I LOVE and am impressed with everything the progressions have to offer once on foil. They are so stable, turn well, pump more efficiently than any foil I’ve surfed. They are also built a lot sturdier than the Lift setup I had before. I really like the bags they come in too. I’m so happy with them.

The one thing I noticed that I don’t love is that the Uni progression setup seems to struggle to take off from the whitewash. We have weak, mushy waves that require white-wash takeoffs with dumpy closeouts.

Previously I was using the Lift 170ha and felt that when I paddle in from the witewash I would get a nice bump forward in front of the wave. On the progression 170 I find that it gets hung up in the whitewash and doesn’t want to get out in front onto the green face. It kind of feels like the foil starts to “brake” or “engage” before it gets released from the white wash.

Last session I switched back and forth between the Lift and Progression setups and the lift took off in the whitewash while the progression got stuck on top or in the bobbly white wash. I also noticed the Progression setup also took more effort to paddle.

I’m not really bothered by this. More than anything I’m curious. What is it about the Progression setup that causes it to get hung up in the whitewash? Thicker mast? More initial lift? Different wing camber and dihedral?

Thanks in advance.

Foil section designed for 8 second period wave vs 170ha designed for more open swell riding. So the speed range maybe?

Not sure I have experienced the same but limited relevant comparison to older hps880 Axis to the pp140, and I know exactly what you’re describing as we have similar conditions, but I don’t know if the pp was any worse. I guess it is probably just a bit slower, which generally is better for our conditions as you don’t outrun the pocket.

Adding, to your other thread, I’d say presuming you’re just chipping in and don’t actually want to ride the takeoff wave, punch through the foam. Takes a bit of practice but if you just wait for a weaker section, bottom turn hard and float it you can just kick through and go find open faces. I try avoid chasing the mush for an open section with closeouts and generally just kick through a weaker section now.

Kicking off a broken wave: deep bottom turn hard for speed, hit it at a 45deg angle, not too high or you’ll breach, don’t dip the nose when you go over the top, glide through the turbulence, get ready to grave dig

Pumping through a broken wave: Pump for speed, hit it lower than you’d expect but just enough to clear the wave. otherwise you breach on the other side, glide through the turbulence, get ready to grave dig with a few quick pumps

Here is a thread, more on going straight through.


I agree with this. It is because the progressions have a lot more lift and front foot. My guess is that if you move the 170 way back you’d get more speed on takeoff out of the foam.


Yea i think its exactly what Eric said, you probably have the 170p forward in the mast and its lifting you too much to stay in the whitewash. either scootch fwd on your board or move the mast back.
I run the prog. slammed in my tracks always, and used to run the 170 lift in the same spot, if i got on a 170 lift now i would stuff the nose trying to get up 100%.

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