Progression Travel Map

Foil Travel Map

Green markers = points of interest
Yellow markers = hazards
Red= breaks to avoid
Blue markers = favored locations for food and drink
Brown markers = lodging options

All sites marked on this map have been foiled by someone in the local community who has provided first hand information.

This map is a continuing process and I will continue to edit the write-ups on each location. I also hope to upload pictures of many of launches which will be taken from our field report photos. If you have any addtitional locations to add or believe any of the information needs to be updated and changed, please let me know.

There are many additional areas around the globe that members of Progression Forum have knowledge on: the wider Caribbean, San Francisco area, the Yucatan, NZL and AUS etc. If trustworthy individuals want to continue to add that knowledge to the map, again, let me know and I’ll grant editing rights.