Progression vs Axis Feels

I thought it would be interesting to share some the feels of the Progression 200/14.5” tail and short fuselage with the 80 cm Progression mast.

Below are some pictures of the light wind and was using a 8 m Fone CWC wing. The board is a Gong DW HIPE at 7’11” x 22” at 146L. I use this board to sup foil on Oahu as well as wing in the PNW and the Gorge. For those of you that aren’t sure, inflatables are the real deal.

I also own Axis gear and currently have the 1300, 1150, 375r, 500r with the 75 cm mast. I sold my PCHM 82 cm mast, adv crazy short fuselage, and the 1201/365 skinny to buy the Progression set up.

I was kinda blown away that the P200 could wing in this light of wind. Was able to hit some jibes as well without backwinding (super tough in sun 10 mph winds).

The pumping is a bit different and stlll getting used to it. I found I had to drive forward and down not just down. It was amazing. The glide is unreal. For me, it rivals the 1201 but smaller. Wingtips breaching did nothing. So fun!!

Just a overall rule of thumb that seems to be more true than not.

A current gen foil with a better connection system is better than any current gen foil with an old fashioned connection system. Reason being the better stiffness is giving more glide and more overall energy efficiency.