Prone board design concept comparison

i have just received my new board that i designed in novembre. so it is 3’10 19.5 2.5 27 litres based on the cabrinha logic outline.
the idea was to have minimal swing weight at nose and tail, wider outline that allows offset stance (i am 62 kg so i need leverage to push my turns) and a flat deck because i like the concave deck but i feel flat deck are more “natural” for me.
and less thickness to have more feedback from the foil

tried it on sunday and i am so happy with it! first surprise : it paddles well for its length and volume! i think it is due to the wider outline at the nose that prevent the nose to sink so the foil is always helping when paddling (like a nose down setting).
And i am really surprised by the zero swing weight especially at the tail! the board feel so lively!
the flat deck feels way better for offset stance.
so 100% happy!