Wide VS Narrow in the prone space

As much as I don’t like to post my channel stuff on this forum, I feel like this is something that might help some people out. Over the past year and 3 months I have had the chance to ride 7 different boards in the prone world. I wanted to share my experience with what I have learned from surf shape outline to foil board outline. Please feel free to comment and say what you’re currently digging.


Amazing work. You articulated and reinforced a lot of things that I been thinking :call_me_hand:t3:


Thank you. Had a lot of fun getting nerdy haha.

I think this matches my experience pretty well. I like that you taped off the wide point and nose tail widths, it really helps you see the contrast in the boards. I get that these are holdovers from surfing, but I look at width at the top of the foil boxes for my tail width rather than 12 inches from the tail. I look there because its a pretty good proxy for backfoot location, which for me at least is the touch point on my carves.
For me the biggest upside to narrow boards are harder turns, and the biggest downside is that they are so much harder to get a good pop up on.
Wide boards are easier on the pop-up and do white water take offs easier.

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I switched from a wide NSP board to the extremely narrow Amudson super model and it took at least 10 sessions to adjust. The pop up on narrow boards, especially in white wash, is just so much trickier. Aside from that it’s all around better and now that I’ve got the hang of it I’m not switching back

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I appreciate the feedback on where to measure wide points. It makes sense to do it where you suggest because of box placement. I have seen that cnc programs do measure wide points at 12 inches up or down. But I wonder if figuring out volume placement it makes more sense to do what you are saying. I 100 percent agree on narrow turning harder but wonder if a slightly longer mast would help touchdowns too.

I really enjoyed the firebolt V2 which was 17.75 at 4’2. the supermodel looked really great too. I love the narrowness when pumping and turns but do enjoy the width in every other situation. If I had a mushy glassy low current wave I would love to just have the narrow.

I recently bought this Nitro in your review. Coming off of a 4’6 Lift with more width. This video was so cool to watch before I picked it up!

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Yes, a longer mast helps with touchdowns but the negatives are significant. More drag, easier to strike the bottom, slower turning. IMO longer masts are a downgrade to my kit.