Prone board design for unbroken waves

There’s a bit of an unridden realm near my house: reefs that either only break on the biggest swells or the lowest of the low tides. A lot of these reefs “almost” break on medium tides and are just lumps on higher ones, so prime for connecting.

With what’s being done with DW board design, how applicable is it to prone specific boards?

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Did a quick Shape 3D file, of a squashed 6’5 paddle board into a 5’4.

@MightyMike What are you currently riding? I would think that any board that has enough volume and length to let you get up on foil will work. The specifics will depend on your weight paddle power and how flat the bumps are.

A barracuda will almost certainly work as I think I’ve seen some videos of Dave Kalama paddling into unbroken bumps on his.


I have a similar setup across the road, that I intend to explore for prone (DW launch and pumping laps). I was thinking to start with an old paddle board or windsurf race/slalom and just start chopping till it works.
@oskar_foil is now testing different hand paddles and getting up in DW no problem (but he’s not human), so the trick is maybe in combining the right board with those.