Prone near Todos Santos?

Anyone know any spots near Todos Santos, Mexico? My family will be there for Christmas.

I’ve seen prone foilers at Cerritos, just south of Todos Santos, but it will be mad busy at Christmas.

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Trip report for future reference:

In Maine, a 2-3’ forecast is perfect, so since that was the forecast for Cerritos etc I thought it worth trying. But it was generally much bigger than that so I used it more as a backrest. Cerritos broke hollow in shallow water outside of the crowded school zone. The only time I actually paddled out was at las palmas where I missed one wave then the next broke my leash and felt lucky to get back in against the rip without getting impaled. The only mushy waves I saw were where the north swell wrapped around the cerritos point and the point at the north end of las palmas, but in both cases too big for me.

I wonder if la ventana would be better actually for prone. Back home in summer the morning after a sea breeze is usually good, and a similar pattern happens there. Anyone know if prone is a thing there?

I proned at cerritos a couple different times.
It has to be small but just big enough get some feathering white water at the point.

La Ventana is a wind spot and I have never seen something to paddle into.

Out in front of Cabo Surf Hotel is worth checking. You meed to see it at low tide to see the rocks. Go out and hour either side of high tide.

La Ventana does have a prone spot at the very bottom of the bay that people surf and prone in the morning before the wind picks up. Didnt look like an amazing prone spot to me but I never tried it back when I was there I saw people doing it though