Prone Spots in Caribbean

Anyone know any awesome prone spots in the Caribbean?

I’m talking long crumblers, reef or sand bottom, at least knee high and consistent.

Plenty of breaks, but very inconsistent swell. Barbados and PR can be world-class and are more consistent than others.

Ive found waves in Guadeloupe, Bahamas, and the Grenadines, all of which have the potential to be awesome, but are not consistent. These were wind-oriented trips and I had a lot of fun in the waves but they wouldn’t have been great prone waves in the conditions that I saw. Much easier to find downwind conditions than prone conditions in the Caribbean from what I’ve experienced.

I’m also curious whether there are others.

PR has some good prone foiling near Isabela. Shacks beach has some foilers on it already. There’s a wave if you look out to Jobos and pick a far left wave, there’s many options. Stay away from the proper peak. Surfers beach also has some mush waves if you paddle out as you come down the hill. Again, I would not paddle out at the peak there either. All of it is reef. So paddle out with your board flipped over or you will get some scrapes on your foil.

I believe Goodwinds in dorado is a resort that does tow foiling. Search for goodwinds on Vimeo. Lots of video content. Looks epic. Good luck!

I was down in the Caribbean this spring and was drooling over the dw potential, if it weren’t for sargassum.

Yes, sargassum is definitely an issue- good point. but from what I’ve seen it’s basically after early/mid March or so.

Look up “ze race” SUP foil DW race is held down there somewhere I think.